What way does editing old posts help?

I edited one post just to see in what way it would help me and the site but  I noticed it  stayed put.  The moment it gets into the latest category users do look at the number of views already there and so known it is an old post. 

If those who advocate editing of old posts would surely know its benefits.  Would they please elaborate. 

  • Do you think editing old posts benefit the user or the site?

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    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I do not understand this buzz about edited posts. Call me a perfectionist but I cannot see corrupted posts, I will continue editing them till there will not be any of them without photos. I am a blogger for many years and I know that Virily, in the long run, will benefit from edited posts, and as Virily shares its earnings with us, we all will benefit. I do not ask anyone to open my edited posts. Pass by, please if they annoy anyone, but the frustration of others will not force me to have damaged posts in my dashboard. It is even about my brand as a writer.

    • Thank you for clarifying.

      There is no question of anyone getting annoyed as the site has provided that option. However if there was a way to segregating them from new posts that would benefit new posts as they seem to occupy the place in the trending and most commented sections.

      Although yesterday my edited post did not move it has today and I see it in the most commented section and I fee I am depriving new posts.

      Another issue that comes to mind is the ability to edit old posts.. One needs to scan through the entire approved folder which is a gigantic task.

      The site benefiting by these edited posts is yet another area that is confusing me The tags open only to Virily users. Am I right here?

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