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What to Eat to Live Longer and Better? – Part II


Food is essential for breathing, thinking and living. However, there are some that are especially important in extending our life, in time and quality. These are the foods that cannot be missed on your table:

Chia – Chia is a seed, rich in calcium, iron, omega 3, fiber and energy. All these nutrients are essential for a good quality of life, without food shortages or excess. Include one teaspoon a day in your yogurt or vegetable soup.

Wheat Herb – It comes from wheat leaves but has the advantage of not having gluten. With reparative, alkalizing and detoxifying properties, it is rich in calcium, iron, vitamin E, K, and chlorophyll. It is an excellent protein source of plant origin. You can add the powder to juice, yogurt or soup.

Acai – This fruit is extremely caloric but helps lower blood cholesterol levels and protects us from free radicals. Source of phytosterols, improves our cardiovascular health. Prove it and prove it.

Hemp – This plant, originally from Asian countries, is great for those who have skin, hair and nail problems due to its richness in protein (and essential amino acids). It also helps regulate blood sugar and lower bad cholesterol (LDL), being rich in fiber and fatty acids, omega 3 and 6.

Whole grains – They are not exactly a food, but a collection of various foods. Replace white bread with dark bread, sugary cereals with brown oat flakes and white rice with brown rice. Fiber has the advantage of decreasing fat absorption, keeping blood glucose constant, improving bowel function – all essential for a good quality of life. The scientists concluded that people who eat whole grains rich in zinc and selenium are less likely to have heart problems or to develop cancer.

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