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What The Paramedic Heard.

Yesterday, I was again reminded of the fragility of life. My wife told me of an incredible real-life drama that had unfolded on TV. Apparently, a sixty-five-year-old married man had described the chest pains he was having to his wife of the same age. She decided not to wait and see and phoned 911. The operator suggested she take him to the local ER immediately.

Enroute, a construction truck turned in front of their car, narrowly avoiding, hitting them. However, in her haste to prevent a collision, her car plowed into a nearby restaurant, injuring several customers. Her car finally came to a stop under a collapsed concrete beam, pinning her and her husband in their seats. Glancing over to her husband, she noticed that he had stopped breathing and had a dark blue color. She leaned across to him and started shaking him roughly but there was no reaction.

When the emergency team arrived at the scene the paramedic closest to her passed the defibrillator pads to her, explaining what to do, as he could not get to her husband himself. When the paddles were in place he told her to move away as far as possible and not to touch him. After the electric shock, he regained consciousness and this conversation followed, George: “What the hell did you do to me, Dawn? Dawn: “George, don’t you ever do that to me again!  George: “Do what?  Dawn: “Die, don’t you dare die, I can’t live without you.” Just think, how am I going to cope with all the dog poop? What? I’ll be in poop literally and figuratively, Don’t you dare do that to me again, I love you too much to face life without you.” George: I’m fine, really, I’m okay now, I love you too, very, very much.

The Paramedic: “Mam, can you move?Dawn: “No, the safety belt is keeping me stuck in the seat.” Paramedic: “Do you have something to cut the belt with? Dawn: “Hold on, I’ve got a pair of scissors in my pocket, let me get it.” Dawn: “Here it is.” The paramedic: “you will have to cut it close to your neck, be very careful.” Dawn has cut halfway through the belt when another concrete beam collapsed. Dawn: “Oh God, I’m bleeding, from my neck.” Paramedic: “Mam, dear God, it’s my fault, I’m so very sorry…” George: “Dawn, lovey, what’s going on, is that blood?  Dawn: Yes, I cut myself, when that second beam collapsed, I’m not going to make it my love, there is just too much blood leaking out. The fire department can’t get here, they are stuck in traffic, remember I’ll love you forever, Georgie”. George: “put pressure on it, wait, I’m going to try and get to you, don’t you die, you hear me, don’t you die, oh shit, I can’t move, Dawn, don’t go, hang on, please hang on.” Paramedic:’I’m so sorry, mam”. She replies: It’s Dawn, my name is Dawn, don’t you be sorry, what more could you have done I don’t blame you… Dawn: “George, please hold my hand, I’m so scared… I’m…   Silence…                                  ‘

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  1. I am much too much a nervous person to ever witness anything like this. I would have seen that car plow into the restaurant and I would have moved on and got away from there. I did once in my younger days see a car ram into a light pole that fell down but everyone was all right.

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