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What manner of beast is this?

This isn’t a “guess what this thing is” kinda quiz, there is no wrong answer because I am just wondering how you would classify this guy. And then there is a bonus question

Also, if you can think of a race that I left out you can just call it out in the comments…

  • What type of thing is this?

    • orc
    • troll
    • goblin
    • hobgoblin
    • ogre
  • Would you consider this to be fanservice?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

10 points


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  1. That is Doug Willett. He was the Football Coach and head of my high school’s Phys-Ed Department. I think he got fired for getting a cheerleader pregnant the year after I graduated. He frove a Porsche and had a Keeshond that he left chained to the Porsche all day. He was a total jerk.

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