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What Is Your Daily Routine Here?

Hi all!!! πŸ™‚

I wasn’t here for some time and I’m still away but just came by to check things out a little bit… I bumped into a couple of articles seeing there were some problems here but since I’m currently not informed about the news here I wanted to ask and share something else… Even though I wrote a similar article some time ago I was wondering what is your daily routine here…

In my recent posts, Some Virily Practices – Opening Posts – The Most Profitable Way in Collocating Virils When Opening Posts – Tips for Earning More and Some Virily Practices – Commenting – The Most Profitable Way in Collocating Virils When Commenting – Tips for Earning More, I wrote about the most profitable ways in collocating Virils when opening and commenting posts but I was just wondering if you had a better earning suggestion, a better way or a routine…

Some people are earning a lot daily as far as I noticed, very fast, even around 1000 Virils a day… They are posting a little bit more but not all of them are earning the same – some earn less… I guess there are differences in the number of views and comments they are getting and could be they have different routines referring to the ones I mentioned in the articles I mentioned above, so I was just wondering what are your usual daily routines here and what kind of an approach you think earns the most…? πŸ™‚

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    Would you share it in the comments…?

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    PS I see Poll questions and answers are Again not working well which is making me Really annoyed…! How much time does it take to fix the problems, but later about that and similar problems………?!!!!!!! 😐

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  1. Welcome again. My routine has not changed. I look at the posts of those who looked at mine (when I get a notification). I don’t want to “force” or ask anyone to look at my posts or to serve at my expense. That sounds nasty but that’s my opinion.. πŸ˜‰

  2. Hello, dear friend ….nice to see you after a long time…. I do the same thing I did … I post a post every other day and view and comment on the one I started a friendly relationship with

    • Hi! Thanks, you too… Thanks for the info… I hope you are doing all the other things that bring you more points too… πŸ™‚
      PS I haven’t started being more active yet but I have a couple more posts in preparation where I thank all of you who welcomed me and also an info where I say I started opening all of your posts I missed just, since I’m not quite active yet, I’m not commenting yet except some Virily themed posts that I bumped into…

  3. My routine is to reduce the number of notifications as little as possible if time is available (often difficult if I stay inactive for too long or skip a few days) by replying to comments while clicking on the user profiles listed in the notification to visit their posts. Then write my own post, of course, if there is an idea.

    • Hi! Thanks for sharing your routine, I guess it’s something how we all are mostly doing here, except some seem to be earning quite fast but I guess it’s due to the number of posts they post and the comments they receive and give… I do believe they could be practicing the thing I shared in my posts too… ;/)) πŸ™‚

      • You’re welcome, Ta. I previously didn’t pay attention to some that seemed to produce very fast, especially by posting a lot, until someone told me. I can’t possibly post a lot (especially if every day) because it means I won’t be able to reply to comments. Unless it is indeed collecting points with lots of posts is my goal, but it isn’t.

        • Yes, I completely understand you since I feel the same way and was wondering the same thing because there is a user (or users) who acts that way but still somehow managing all the comments… But you still have much more points than me so I’m still kinda wondered how you’re doing it, hehehe… ;/D

          • Maybe I’m a little lucky because there are often users who visit my many posts at once but without leaving any trace; without upvote for example so I don’t know who did it. You know, those who visit that way tend to just want to get points, but I also get benefits.πŸ˜‰

        • I know I do get those visits too as well as I’m doing them like I wrote in the articles I mentioned above too. Maybe the problem is I don’t post too often so not that many points to get from it while you have much more posts than me as well as some other users in the top ranks… Maybe that’s the secret, hehehe…..! ;D

          • You know, I noticed Doc wrote about the users requests and I think he was pushing those requests to the admins so they wanted to indulge us so what else they could do (I think)…?

          • I don’t know for sure, but what is meant by rules here that are violated is that those who can become verified users are those who have been members for at least two years. As a result, users who have been members for two years or more feel they have received unfair treatment. That’s all I heard.

        • I agree about the unfairness and I did notice who posted without the approval but I thought they weren’t verified because there was no badge on their profiles but now they all have the new blue verified sign so I think it wasn’t a secret at all just that the badge was late as so many badges were also and usually late and given much later as everything here actually is…!!!
          Also, I heard that actually a user (and I know who!!! :|) suggested who will become verified now so in that situation, ESPECIALLY having in mind that That user is constantly speaking about “fairness”, “rules”, “moral” and similar, that is Especially immoral and unfair and completely out of the rules so I think we should all react on that…! And I will Surely Write about it……….! As I already wrote to the admin about it…!

          • When I commented about it in one of his posts he reported all my comments as he usually does because he considers I’m attacking him and those comments were deleted… They are not always deleted btw…!!!!!!! 😐 (But could be it’s because now he blocked me…)

          • Also… ,you are speaking about the rules but have you ever read that is written in the rules………? I doubt… I didn’t find any rules about becoming verified and the only one who is writing about it is Doc so I’m wondering – how does he know that or, better, how can he claim such things (as he Does all the time with everything else…!) when all that is only speculation if not written in the rules…?!!

    • That’s great that you post regularly, I guess that brings more points as well as commenting… If you are interested in earning more you can also do the practices I wrote about in those 2 articles I mentioned above in the text…

  4. I decided to give Virily another shot after not really taking to it 2 years ago and I must say I’m liking it a bit better this time round. Not good with making polls though. I kind of messed the last one up. πŸ™ Practice makes perfect though. Welcome back. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ I’m not quite back but will probably start being more active soon I think and hope… Yes, everything is ok although seems I can’t go without some conflicts here, so I’m already a little fed up with some of the things… ;/ 😐 Hope I will forget about it soon and just look at the positive side here… Good to see you too…! πŸ˜‰

        • PS I have to ask you something… I was active on Instagram but then I stopped being active and only posted once in a while… Recently when I posted a couple of photos I was receiving only around 10-15 likes and now when I’m posting it looks like no one is seeing my photos, can you tell me why is that and how to recover that…? :/ Thanks!!!!! πŸ™‚

          • And the biggest mistake was I deleted a photo which had around 35 likes while I now decided to post it again and now it received like 4 likes… I also deleted some of the photos and unfollowed some people I followed (I have 400 Followers and I follow like 3000 people which is too much and I don’t know how to delete some… :|)

          • The likes have dropped down tremendously for most people and they keep getting lower and lower. My speculation is that with all the paid posts, igTV, the rest doesn’t just matter that much.
            I don’t think that past likes matter that much anyway, so don’t worry about that. Here are a few tips I have heard of that I hope can be helpful for you: It is good to get likes immediately after a post is published, this way the algorithm sees it as valuable and starts showing it to more people. Followers don’t matter as much as engagement, so it’s better to give and receive likes and especially comments than following. Spam and likes for likes are not recommended, as well as huge difference between followers and people you follow. Also you should find the right hashtags, be consistently active and use stories, and all other options. I don’t do most of these things tho, because it’s time consuming, but if you are a business owner or influencer, it’s good to use all these tools and post consistently. You can also search for people who post similar content to yours and engage with their profiles, but don’t ask them to like back or check out your page, because it can be annoying (in my opinion). Also, always thank people for their comments, and so on. I hope this helps, you can definitely search for more tips and tricks online.

        • Thanks that is good to know! πŸ™‚ I didn’t know there is less likes generally lately… Could be you are right but the problem is I don’t have the app, I’m using it only via my phone browser so I don’t know about such posts and there is also a bug in posting stories…

          Yes, I was usually getting a lot of them and not so many of them later but now I’m not – maybe because I wasn’t active…? :/
          I don’t do such things, I do usual liking and following but I do have a huge difference between those follows and I was simply following everything I like or the ones who followed me… The problem is many of them unfollowed later and I can’t know who they are… 😐
          I do use a lot of hashtags but I can’t use any other features (I actually don’t even know which they are) since I don’t have an app…

          • If you had the app, there are some additional apps that tell you who has unfollowed you. I didn’t know that you cann add photos through the Instagram page.

        • Oh, ok, thanks… πŸ™‚ So can you tell me how it’s called…? Is it a “normal” app or kind of a “risky” one…? :/ πŸ™‚ Is it sending you notifications or how it works…?
          Do you think having the app improves the visibility of your posts…? I also thought the past likes kinda give you the “credibility” and affect the future likes…? :/

          • I don’t know, but I have 25% of the likes I used to have, plus I have many more followers now. So the past does not matter in my opinion. The app I use is Followers – Unfollowers. It just shows you which of the people you follow don’t follow you back, and it shows who has liked your last photos.

        • Good to know, and it is kind of a relief since I thought it had something to do with me… Although it probably has with my activity.. I also noticed when I followed several new people yesterday that I got a like from a new person, so how many people should we follow to get just a couple of more likes… 😐
          Thanks for the info, I will have to search it when I switch to another phone, the one I use doesn’t support apps…
          I have another problem, not getting followers since I stopped being active too. And lots of people unfollowed me. I joined Instagram quite late so I still haven’t used the tricks… 😐

          • Honestly, Instagram is not that useful unless you are an influencer or you own a business, so don’t stress about it. Maybe if you start with a new account it might be better, in case past stuff matters. Also, content matters too. If you look at a big account with a lot of following, you’ll notice that their face for example, has more likes than their breakfast, etc. Again, this is just my opinion, don’t take it as a fact. Just experiment and have fun!

        • Well my Instagram is purposely opened for my business. Making another account would be complicated and I’m not sure it would get better because I had 150 followers before I even started posting which were people from these blogging sites and they would be hard to find me… Of course it matters…! My account is for my art and craft – you follow me, you should know that… πŸ™‚ I was getting enough likes, that wasn’t a problem, but now it is because it is Very small, and my first thought was that my inactivity did that…!

          • What I mean is business accounts get to share links only after they have 10k followers. So without link sharing it’s not that useful in my opinion. And unfortunately, people don’t open Instagram with the idea to buy art or anything in general. You should take a look at Inbound marketing and creating video content, in my opinion, if you want to attract potential customers. I have a friend who asked his followers to follow his new account, closed the old one and now has thousands of likes. It’s just one example, though. It may not work for everyone.

        • I don’t know how that works nor what that actually is since I don’t have the app – link sharing… I don’t agree, there is plenty of accounts that sell through their Instagram and it’s not my only purpose of having such an account… Also, since my posts are not that viewed by my followers I don’t know who would even see the message “switch to another profile”…

          • I mean that if you share an url address in the photo description or comment, it’s not a link that people can click on and open. And if you are on the phone, I think you can’t copy and paste this url either.
            Instagram, Facebook, etc. like and promote videos now. If you have the chance, you can make progress videos of your work, how-to videos, etc. to try attract followers. Also, selling is not easy, and the idea of inbound marketing is to attract people through content that’s useful for the audience. For example, talking about different techniques in art and crafts, commenting art supplies, etc. I hope this helps. But it’s a good idea to look what people who are in the same area do and copy their strategies.

        • Oh, yes, I know that but didn’t know there is an option to put them somehow…
          Yes, but I’m not into such things and videos… The only thing that can be looked at as an example is the way people are presenting their work but that is also not promising you success if you start doing it the same way… People should do their own thing.

  5. Good to hear from you. When I get on here I got through all my notifications and answer people who have commented. Then I go to the Following posts and read and comments as much as I can on them and then I check out quizzes and finally I do my own posting before getting off here presently I post under stories polls and I do quizzes

    • Thanks, I’m glad you think so, you too and thanks for commenting!!! πŸ™‚ Yes, that is what I do too, although I’m visiting the Latest page where all the posts are (you can miss some the other way) but I am also opening as many posts, polls and quizzes as I can (till the limits) as I described in the two of my posts I mentioned above, that can earn you 300-400 additional Virils a day so it’s a good practice… ;)) But, since I see some are earning much faster than I do even though I practice all of this I guess it’s because they post much more than me, 2-3 or even more posts every day which I don’t do…

    • Thanks! Good to see you too, hehehe! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ Yes, I know, but it seems like the showing of answers is now even worse…, like an endless “save a draft”…! :/ 😐 I preview too but first I wait all of them to show up on the Create page… 😐 Good. Do you have some other practices that you do besides posting – maybe opening a lot of posts or just post and comment? πŸ™‚

      • Yes, I have my routine. I first check the notifications, and answer all of those. Then I click on the three most viewed on the right. Then I go to Quizzes, and play those, then I go to the latest and pull out which ones I like. Comment, upvote and like. Then I post mine. After that my notifications are checked once again, and that’s about it.

  6. There are issues with templates both with regard to polls and quizzes but I go back and forth until the preview comes out perfect.

    I am quite satisfied with my progress here and would not like to make any changes with the way I work here. It is just commenting on responses, responding to posts, and creating posts.

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