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What is your Best Daily Viril Points?

I have always been wondering how much the other Virily members are getting each day. Every day we can see the number of points we get on our ‘Profile Page’. On that page we get to see the following:

  • Total Viril points
  • Todays Viril points and
  • The Best Viril Points.

So I thought of making this informal about viril points. Since it’s quite impossible to track the average Viril points we get, I’d like to ask approximately how much is your Viril points to date.

Is it less than a hundred? Between a hundred and 500 or between 501 to 1000 or more than 1000.

  • What is your Best Daily Viril Points?

    • 100 points or more but less than 500 points
    • 500 points or more but less than 1000 points
    • 1000 points or more


What do you think?

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  1. I tried to devote more time on the site this past month, so I made a record of 589 Virils in a day. But I can not sustain it and there are times I am going below 100 Virils. I created my own monitoring board with a target of 334 Virils per day but could not reach the target most of the times.

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