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What is this…?

More fruits have start to grow in my garden!! We’re so thrilled about them!

Despite a recently “worm” attack, our bell peppers are flowering and having fruits again!! Yippy!!

And then the new plants we grow, did started flowering and bearing fruits too!! It seems to be a successful year for us in terms of growing fruits!


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    Any guess what the new fruit that we grow? (Cover photo)

    • Tomato
    • Chilli
    • Gooseberry
    • Brinjour
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    See the bell pepper?

    • Yes
    • No


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      • When it is ready it will turn from green to yellow, then orange, the the red. Wait until it is a dark red, and when you touch it, it will practically fall off in your hand. If you have to tug on the stem, it is not ready. Now on the peppers, those will actually turn as red as a ripe tomato. Do you want green bell peppers? Or yellow? or Red? You decide on that one.

        • Oh… we usually have the peppers Yellow … our “sweet peppers” (direct translation) are very small, almost just like the top segment of the thumb, and they already turned yellow … We’re told its difficult to grow them big in a balcony… but still we get to eat some peppers!

          Oh and thanks for the tips on the red ones!! hehe 😀

          • My son just came home with some of those tiny peppers you speak of. They actually grow them small I guess. This is the first I had seen any like this. And they must be the same. They aren’t round like a bell pepper, but look more like a pablano. They were so sweet. I bet yours will be great.


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