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What is the healthiest way to consume eggs?

These are the healthiest ways to prepare eggs.

1- Boiled egg – Undoubtedly this is the healthiest way to consume eggs since it does not require adding fat, besides being practical and low calorie.

2- Fried egg – You should use a nonstick skillet because vegetable oils at high temperatures turn into transgenic fats, which are harmful to health.

3- Scrambled egg – It can also be made in water by placing a teaspoon of water for each egg, boiling and putting eggs, seasoning and stirring, or if you prefer a great option is to use coconut oil that does not lose its natural properties at high temperatures. Additionally, this oil can be used in the preparation of omelets.

The egg is an important source of protein to be consumed throughout life, the most important is to know how to consume it and of course always moderately.

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  1. I like eggs as I think it’s very easy to prepare for the kids and healthy too. I think having hard-boiled eggs is the healthiest, without adding any seasonings. I didn’t know we can make scrambled eggs in water. I’ll find out how to do so.

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