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What is special about red? ~ Kim's Color Crazy Challenge

Colors are of great importance in our daily lives. What matters is what colors we wear and how we paint the rooms. Each individual has their favorite color. We find color because we can radiate our vitality and beliefs with it. Every color affects a person in their own way.

They have always associated red with blood, love, passion. In magic, they use red in all those rituals where love, health, courage, strength, and health are the main goals. Whoever likes red and often dresses him is a determined and persistent person. Red roses, red hearts, red lips, red wine … All things that are mostly about love are red. It is interesting to know that red is used when we want to lift a weakened life force. Red increases the spiritual power and energy level, as it stimulates all the processes that take place in the body and promotes human metabolism. It is certainly one of the most powerful colors, which is evident in our daily lives.

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