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What I learned about multitasking

Today, I have attended an online webinar on multitasking. Here are some surprising statements that have been new to me.

Multitasking seems like a great approach to quickly complete multiple tasks at once. For example, working on a laptop, you can drink coffee, and even talk on the phone. But if during the day you resort to such a regimen regularly, the problem of managing your attention may arise.

Multitasking slows down the execution of work, and as a result, even the simplest things take longer than usual. The idea of time management has penetrated into various fields: from technological and business worlds to psychology. The result of attention management is that organizing your time will happen by itself, without any efforts.

The key to managing attention is always to direct your attention to where you need to. If you manage to eliminate some of the things that grab attention and do not give anything in return, then you can become more focused, calm, happy and productive in work. The key factor here is perseverance.

Credit for the image: Pixabay

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Written by Abhishek Verma

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  1. Every time I write online I am actually multitasking. I have my ready article, I have to search for appropriate photos, I have to check for mistakes if any, and I have to go through my online sites to see where it will be posted

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