What good are these offers?

The Internet Service Providers are generous with their offers but they are of no use to me. 

I have a dongle connected to my desk top and they offer unlimited free calls and data.  While I do enjoy using the data those unlimited free calls are of no use to me as I cannot be glued to my table making calls or running to get calls that I may receive. 

When it comes to mobile offers I get free data and calls but what good is the data when I do not have an internet connection on my mobile? 

I only wish they just gave generous data on the dongle and unlimited calls on my mobile.  That would make some sense. If wishes were horses beggars would ride!!!

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  1. I love those offers. I make use of the data both on my mobile phone and on my laptop. The free calls are fine with me too. I do have to make a few hundred calls every month. A handset does the job for me.

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