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(What Exactly Is/Are) Spam (Comments) POLL

Hi all!!!

You know I recently published an article on The Way of Opening and Commenting Posts on Virily where people were expressing their different opinions, and recently there was a comment which actually reminded me of something I forgot, and that is what exactly is spam…

Some of the members are commenting “it shouldn’t be commented this or that way…”, “posts shouldn’t be opened that way…”, etc, Β and worry about the things that are actually on the admins, not on us… We may have an opinion and like something or not and even report it but what is actually spam…..?

Like I said in the answer to that comment, in my opinion “spam” is when someone comments on an article, and do it a lot of times by for example copy-pasting the same comment, but by posting some things that are Not related to the article – like ads or similar, not just simple “copy-pasted” comments that are actually related to the article….. Β I know some of you report such comments (comments that they consider spam), but I even think that the report button is only for the insulting or evident spam comments like one message I once received here was…

Like I said in the reply to that comment, it once happened that I received -a message- that was actually a little disturbing (I don’t quite remember what it was) but it was totally spam, a link or something like that, and the admins deleted it without me even reporting it, so it still says I have 1 unread message even though that the message is deleted…

So, I think the admins do care and track what is posted and what is and what is not spam, like it is stated in the FAQ’s, spam comments will deduct -5 Virils from the balance…

Note: Photo is of my small handmade tote bag. All rights reserved.

  • Do you consider a simple, article related, copy-pasted comment spam?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you consider a simple, article related, short general comment spam?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think the report button is only for obvious spam (not article related) and insulting comments?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. This is really a very interesting article about what happened to you and you made it a topic for all of us think about. Sometimes compliments are nice to give in a form of comments and this is ok with me, but when there is nothing to say, better stay silent and that is also ok. (Maybe what I am saying is a little off topic, but it made me think about it as well.) πŸ˜€

    • Thanks. Well, a compliment doesn’t always have to be that personal, it can be general/generic too, and that doesn’t mean it isn’t meant or sincere that way too… I’m glad it made and inspired you thinking of it…, thanks!

  2. The topic is for discussion and misconceptions. Thank you, a wonderful post is not spam for me.Spam are offensive comments, and, for example, comment on a very sad, hard story, inscriptions …. I enjoyed your story …….. as if they had not read

  3. Very interesting discussion! I am not sure that I understand what an article-related copy-pasted comment is. To be honest, I am not a big fan of copy-pasted comments, especially when someone copy-pastes someone else’s comment. But I appreciate every comment that I get and I try to respond to everyone.
    I am guilty of sometimes writing generic comments too, and a lot of “thank you very much”. I am sure that many of us are. I don’t know if that’s spam and I believe that in real life, this would be considered socially acceptable and polite. Imagine someone making a compliment, and you just walk away.

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ It is for example when you comment something like “great interesting post” and copy-paste that everywhere (gegenric comment that you post identical everywhere). Not someone else’s – your own comment! I know, I feel guilty sometimes myself when commenting, but when I’m replying I write similar replies like you but I tend to be more personal as much as I’m able so… It’s hard to come up with something different than that sometimes, like it’s with those generic comments, so some people consider them spam, unfortunately….. :/ Of course, it is polite to do…!
      I can understand what you mean, unfortunately some people’s opinions frustrated me so now I even feel guilty for some generic comments. But I think it shouldn’t be like that and that maybe some people are just asking too much cause they see things too personally… I see it also that way sometimes, depending on the situation, but yes, we should probably be thankful for every comment we get, and just not all the people are that “personal” in expressing themselves. It’s sometimes better if a comment is engaging not just generic but I suppose we can’t be engaging all the time…..:/

      • Copy-pasting “great post” to multiple posts sounds a little spamy indeed. I really don’t know what the consequences for the site are, but I think that usually people who get furious about comments like that are not worried about the site as much as they feel underapreciated. So I agree that they are taking that too seriously. I guess it’s just human nature to think that what we create is the best and deserves the most meaningful and appreciative comments. Whether they reply to those comments is another question.
        A lot of posts on Virily and it’s social media groups have become rants about what other members do. Just leave the admins do their job. And if someone thinks that the site isn’t working well because of the other users, then they should probably go to another site or create their own.
        People will always find something to complain, and I don’t know why you are still giving such people attention.

        • I sometimes write a comment like that or similar, but never copy-paste, it is a comment that I actually write, because that is how I feel at that moment, so I don’t consider it spam or copy-pasted comment, but obviously some people do…..
          Like you said, I think they take it too personally because they expect a thoughtful comment but not everyone is like that, some people communicate this way, or at least sometimes, depending on the mood for example…..
          You are right…! I just wanted to see who exactly thinks what…..

  4. Well, I won’t argue the point you know how I feel about this issue. Instead let me give you a business case. Every time I go to, read and interact with a comment it costs me time. If someone has clearly copy pasted the same comment, or (and I like this clarification) they post something that has nothing to do with what the post is, then I think that is one a waste of my time, and secondly it is something I would consider reporting.

    If it happens once, I am not going to report it.
    If it happens 3 times or more, I am going to report it every time.

    I know we disagree, but I do truly appreciate the fact that you post these posts!!!

      • Well, in my case it is part of the project I am doing, the sharing and reading of the blogs is wholly your choice! I really appreciate that you read the project frequently!!!! That said my rationale for posting is that I post all the pictures taken of an event in the order they are stored in the event folder.

        As for a time comparison – you can scroll 20 pictures on Virliy in about 20 to maybe 30 seconds.

        4 comments posted that are the same –
        go to notifications (wait)
        Go to comment
        Report it
        Go back to notifications (wait)
        go to comment
        Report it

        It is a lot of effort. I have had days with 10 comments posted that are identical. Or as you pointed out my least favorite, ones that have NOTHING to do with what I posted.

        • I just must mention, I didn’t want to insult…

          Not if you are looking them carefully…..

          You wouldn’t waste that much time if you didn’t report it….. Also, I have all my notifications in 1 tab and opening them in another tab…

          I never have had, especially THAT MANY identical comments…, and I noticed you don’t get many comments anyway either, so maybe people do mind the same thing I mentioned – same identical photo 5 times so they can’t come up with a much sensible comment either…..?

        • You put 5 identical photos 5 times, so there are like 3 pages to open in your posts, so I can write the same thing you previously described when opening notifications and reporting and going back and forth, etc here… It feels the same when repeated photos scrolling, then waiting to open another page, then again repeated photos scrolling, waiting another page to open, then again scroooolllliiinnnggg…..

      • That is a hard one, I know that is one that I have no idea what to say about, sorry. I think there is a bond between the reader and the writer. That bond is a two-way bond. Really don’t understand why either side would break that bond.

        Great question. I wish I had an answer for you!

      • First, just saying thank you is not enough characters to make a complete comment and I’m not going to make up the difference with extra punctuation. I’m also not going to make a generic comment to express my appreciation and paste it after all the generic comments I get.

        I rather agree with Scott that it takes a lot of time on a slow computer on the Virily site to check a comment in order to respond. I try in most cases to ask a question or something that will help people think of something unique to respond with. So I hope what I see will be unique for that post. I don’t report general comments unless I see that same comment from the same person on almost every post I visit. But I don’t always reply to them.

        I don’t reply at all when I see a comment copied from another commenter. That’s just not right to use another person’s work as your own. It’s called plagiarism. Someone who can write an entire post should be able to come up with twenty characters for an original comment. When I see people obviously copying a comment from the same post, it makes me wonder if their posts are original. If anyone copies one of my comments, I will report it.

        I try to make a unique comment on any post where there is something I can work with. If I see a post with several very similar photos I just don’t comment on all of them. I see people who don’t speak English as a first language struggle with their words sometimes when they comment, and I appreciate the effort they make to be original. I know it’s not easy for them, yet they do it. They don’t take the easy way out to paste identical responses or copy another response someone made on the same post.

        When I see people taking the shortcuts, it tells me they care a lot more about making virils than about interacting and putting forth the effort others do to earn those same virils. We all care about earning, but seeing people take shortcuts reminds me of the salespeople in stores that stand around talking to each other and ignoring customers when the manager isn’t looking while one clerk is actually overworked trying to help everyone who is waiting. They all get the same pay per hour, but they don’t all deserve it equally. I would rather spend my time reading and commenting on the posts of those who work hard to earn their virils and post original content and comments in spite of difficulty with the English language.

        • Also I think you take so much time into playing the police with comments, chasing who did what and everything….., taking things too seriously here, maybe even asking too much…
          When someone writes “great post” he might actually mean it…
          Also, if you count the characters in the “Great post!!!…. :)” there isn’t actually ANY “gaming the system” since there is already 20 characters in that, and I don’t think putting 4 dots is something irregular, it is the part of the comment, of the sentence, and if there are more other dots they don’t disturb anything when it comes to already “filled” the 20 characters limit…

          • As a former English teacher, I point out that a sentence normally has only one form of end punctuation — a period, question mark, or exclamation point. Anything beyond that is abnormal. Occasionally one might put three exclamations if one is really excited, but it’s highly unusual to use three or more periods. If someone really thinks a post is great, it should be easy to mention at least one specific reason you thought it was great. Just saying. I think we’ve talked this to death and I think we will just have to agree to disagree.

        • Well you wrote quite a long comment, it would be unappropriate not to answer…..
          I always put dots in my sentences, that is how I express myself… A comment is a comment. Three dots are also punctuation… I am not an English teacher, I am an artist and I express myself differently and the way I feel (when it comes to writing more than “just” great article), not all the people like to explain their thoughts, and I have that right.

        • …not all the people are searching for that kind of interaction here too and that is AND SHOULD BE perfectly ok….. Some people just act professional and with a distance, write generic comments, no one should and doesn’t have the right to ask for more than that if someone is not willing to do that…!

          Of course, I didn’t answer to discuss, that is the least what I’m interested in, but I had to answer something, I thought it is appropriate to answer, like I said…

        • Of course, neither my intention was that….. I just read what you wrote and even though I don’t agree with some things —– actually I’m not INTO those things and don’t even want to explain and didn’t want to go further into it but ought to say something…..

          Glad you understand…

  5. I guess there are spams and toxic comments. Or maybe spams is a subset to toxic comments?? I am not sure.

    After reading a post by Barbara, I’ve got some new thinking about these. Comments/contents that doesn’t add value, not only devalue but many also be toxic to a site. It discourage advertisers and advertisements are a site’s primary source of revenue.

    Basically, the definition of spams really varies. I’ve joined forums that sees “thank you” and “haha” as spams, others might ask for 25-30 characters. I guess because the thread would have a specific topic or discussion going on and a “Thank you” would be seen as not responding accordingly to topic, hence spam. Imagine, someone asked, “What do you think is better? A or B?” and someone responded with “Thank you”. How awkward and “off-topic”.

    But generally, I would think Spams are unrelated contents or rude/offensive ones. General and appreciative comments, I don’t think should be consider a Spam.

    • I don’t see advertisers mind it, there are ads even in the body of the post when writing now!!!!!…..

      I would really like to see the existence of and the earnings on this site if “thank you” would be considered spam, or if general comments would be considered spam….. (yes I’m ironic…..)

      Thanks, that is my opinion too – the last sentence…

      • I don’t(and wouldn’t) have knowledge or statistic of those sites, I am just a member there and visits only occasionally. And I didn’t say they’re paying sites but they have been doing well for many years now and they do have sponsors, that is all I know. But what works there might not be here and vice versa.

        About advertisers, I can’t speak for them and I won’t. I only know some uses keywords…

        Anyway, all of us are different. I understand your point and I am not judging about anything. All I was trying to say is, everyone would see “spam” differently… some are strict, some are not. We can’t change them… sometimes the best way is to find something that benefits both sides or both sides take a step back…

        • Ok, yes, I understand… Yes, I agree…

          The thing that different people see spam differently doesn’t mean anything in the terms of what spam really is. I think admins, advertisers, and the people who own the site(s) know perfectly what is real spam (or what they consider by real spam) so the thing that someone “reports” something that he thinks spam is means nothing in those terms…..

    • I think there’s a difference between spam and pasted or plagiarized comments. I don’t like any of them, and I don’t believe any add much value to the site, but spam specifically involves advertising or posting links to a site they will profit from. So were I to comment with an affiliate link to a shopping site or a blog post of my own, that would be spam. No two ways about it.

    • I was actually curious who thinks what… πŸ˜‰
      I think promoting is allowed (in the posts – referral links when writing a post) but it is probably a little weird if someone comments about something totally different, like promoting a site, but I think even that is allowed but probably except if that repeats on every post for 50 or 100 times I guess…
      I’m not sure I understood the last part of the sentence well, can you explain a little better…?:/

      • I think there is a lot of confusion about what those spots for referral links are for. I think the administrators should explain it in the FAQ so we will know exactly what’s allowed and what isn’t. Why should we need to find out only if a submitted post is rejected because of such a link?

        One reason I don’t review books or products here and save those reviews for my own sites is because I want to include a referral link to a place to buy that product after I’ve gone to the work to review it. There are plenty of sites I write on that do allow that and they spell out exactly what is and isn’t allowed. Why should I take a chance here where everything is guess work?

        • There is no confusion at all, and you wouldn’t be confused if you asked the admins to what “referral link” is related… It is meant for sales or whatever your article is referred to – if you noticed when you open someone’s post and that someone put a referral link in his post, there is a “BUY” button at the bottom of the post… I agree it could be explained more in the FAQ’s

          • I couldn’t reply above when you gave an example of your referral link. I guess what I was asking was for a link to the post where you used the referral link so I could see how you used it in your post. So your post could serve as an example.

        • I suppose they do cause you previously/wrote about it in the text….. Sales are not made therefore not written on this site, they are written on the site you are selling at and the button just opens the site where you sell, it is a link…

          • I know. I mean that when you sell something on Zazzle or some other site, you can’t always be sure if that sale came from a link on Virily or somewhere else you posted it. We don’t have access to our own traffic stats on Zazzle, at least not that we know of. Do you know if Virily tells you how many people click on your links here? I think only site owner get those kinds of statistics.

        • Yes, you are right, unfortunately you can’t know that… But since people usually comment here you would probably be informed by them if they liked or bought something…..
          I never tried Zazzle although maybe I should… I tried only Society6 and sold nothing… I don’t know if the sales are better on some other sites, like Zazzle, etc…? And you are also right about the stats there, you probably can not know who bought something, or you can…..?

          • I have sold on Zazzle and been paid there several times. They also have a referral program so you can get a 15% referral payment when someone buys something from your link in addition to the commission if its your product.

          • Forgot to mention that when you make a sale on Zazzle, they usually give you a first name and city of the customer, but not which site had the link they followed, if they did follow a link. Many people just go right to the site to buy.

          • The terms are on the Zazzle site. That should give you the details. The commission varies by the price of the products. I sell mostly cards which do not have high enough prices to generate more than a few cents commission each, unless someone buys something like a hundred wedding invitations and accessories. Shirts, posters, phone cases, etc. make much more. Affiliate sales, from your own products or products of others give you 15% of the product price. Check out the site. You can become an affiliate even before you have made a store.

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