What Do You Think About the Migrant Caravan?

The migrant caravan that is heading toward the US-Mexico border is over 7,000 people strong. Their stated intent is to enter the US illegally through the southern border. The United States military and the National Guard are poised to intervene if illegal entry is attempted. This could result in bloodshed and casualties.

What do you think about this situation?

  • Question of

    What should be done with the migrants when they attempt to enter the US?

    • They should be allowed in
    • They should be prevented from entering the US
    • They should be detained and vetted
    • Other
  • Question of

    Are you in favor of open borders, where people can enter the country for any reason and stay as long as they want, with no restrictions?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. I believe we should send the military to stop them, vet them and detain them until we know who they are, where they are coming from, what diseases they may have, etc. The usual process of legal immigrants entering our country. This is for our protection.

  2. USA should protect, secure and provide national safety for its own legal nationals and citizens. Alien invasion of humans from outside USA border arrogantly want the US nationals to welcome them is not normal and it’s unconstitutional.

    By the way, people who tolerate illegal folks in the name of over-used ‘compassion”, should be called in and remind them to offer their own homes, money, and time to pay for the needs in fostering these ‘poor people’. I wonder if they will take up on that challenge?

    This caravan invasion should not be allowed. Military should be employed to secure border and USA nationals.

    • The latest that I heard was that the military was indeed being sent in to help the national guard units and border patrol who are already there. There is more and more evidence that the whole thing has been funded by Democrat groups, eager to try anything to get people to vote for Democrat candidates. If this comes out, it could have exactly the opposite effect.

      Already, it seems to be generating support for ICE and border patrol, even among people who live nowhere near the border. That is certainly not what the DNC wanted.

  3. Just human beings who want the basic necessities of life and can’t get it where they live. Why should they be loyal patriots to a country that doesn’t care whether they live or die. Why not go live somewhere else and show the human beings in that country how grateful you can be for roof over your head, a little food, and some genuine human compassion. Too bad they probably won’t get that when they come to America. They got a little bit of it when they were passing through Mexico on their way to America. Too bad Mexico can’t take them in. They won’t even have to worry about overcoming a language barrier.

    • It is indeed sad, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. There are quite a few legal immigrants in the US from Honduras and they should be the example. Trying to force their way in is likely to have very bad results. I’m betting that the Democrats try to blame the president for that, but it was actually the people who will be the ones responsible.

      There are a number of Mexicans who have apparently joined the caravan. Could Mexico take them in? Absolutely. Will they? Almost certainly not since there are so many from that country that are trying to get in, too.

    • That is my thoughts as well. Trying to come into the country illegally is akin to someone breaking into your house and taking up residency. A huge number of legal immigrants feel the same way, too, though the media doesn’t want to admit that part.

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