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What Do You Know About the Buffalo?

I have never seen a buffalo.  Not even at a zoo.  For most of my entire life I’ve only ever heard buffalo mentioned in 3 contexts.

Context 1:

Native Americans ate buffalo for food. But the white man killed the animals for sport, thus depleting the food supply for the Indians.

Context 2:

When crowds go insane and rush into a stadium or a Walmart, they are referred to as a “herd of stampeding buffaloes”.

Context 3:

There is an imaginary “purple buffalo” which is an integral part of the storyline for The Neverending Story.  Great family entertainment. I prefer the movie, but there is also an animated TV series.

Thanks to a blogger from Botswana, a 4th context has been added to my knowledge base.

Context 4:

There are buffaloes in Africa and they are a part of Botswana’s Big Five.





Featured Image Credit:  Drawing of an African buffalo. Description in the original works (translated): “Kap- or Kaffernbüffel” (Bubalus Caffer). Body length 2,80 m, tail length 0,90 m, height 1,50- 1,80 m (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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    Have you ever physically seen a buffalo?

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    Would you like to go on an African safari? Not for hunting. For picture taking. They have photographic safari enthusiasts.

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