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What do you always complain about?

I just read an article with the title “8 Things Malaysians Always Complain About”. These 8 things the people in my country complain about including:

1. Where is my food?

2. Why do you/does he drive so slow?

3. Why there’s no parking?

4. Why is the weather so hot?

5. Why is everything so expensive?

6. Why is the traffic so jam?

7. Why are you so late?

8. Why is Internet so slow?

I laughed when I read these complaints, and yes, I have heard all of these quite often. For me, I always complain about the Internet speed. It’s been really slow sometimes and that make me want to change our Internet Service Provider always, but we can’t at this moment as we still have the contract with the current ISP.

I remember having a challenge together with my eldest son that we tried not to complain in 21 days, then 42 days, etc. Then we forgot about it. I think it’s good to learn not to complain about, but we can talk about it and think of a better solution. Frankly speaking, I am quite tired of people who keep complaining for months or even years, but not willing to make any changes.

What do you always complain about?

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