What color do you think I am? ~ Pansy in vibrant colors

Today I decided to combine the two challenges (Black and White Friday and What Color Do You Think I Am?).

Pansy is one of the most beautiful predictors of warm days. In the language of flowers, the pansy is a symbol of fidelity. They have vibrantly screaming colors that bring a lot of joy and adorn flower beds in spring and summer. The first flowers appear in April, and the most beautiful and abundant flowers bloom in May and early June. If the pansy is left in the balcony trough or on the flowerbed after the first flowering, they will bloom all year round, although each subsequent flowering the flowers will be smaller.

They will thrive nicely in partial shade and also in the sun, which should not be too strong, as something can quickly burn the delicate flowers. Since pansy is suitable for moist soil, we need to take care of regular watering, especially on drier days.

  • What color do you think I am?

    • white
    • blue
    • yellow
    • purple


What do you think?

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