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What are your believes?

We all live by a set of rules that we either “inherit” from our families or those that we piked up along the way…

Such believes usually have no right or wrong UNLESS it’s a crime or hurtful… However, I do believe that most of us have a healthy set of believes … care to share with us?

For this poll, just pick the closest one or select “others” and perhaps share in the comment?

  • Question of

    What are your believes?

    • Treat others like how they treated you…
    • Treat others like hwo you wanna be treated …
    • Others
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    Have you gave in to nasty people to avoid conflicts but then “tapped on” good people who cares and give in to you?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Others


What do you think?

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  1. I think what you do in life comes back to you…
    That is why some people are their own worst enemies. However, when people are nasty I do 3 things, put them up to God or the higher power, then leave it there
    Send them a blessing (because if they don’t receive it blessing comes back to you)
    Pray that the Good Lord will give them a large slice of MORAL Conscience from the nearest bakery!

    It works…


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