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What are some of your habits?

Hmm … we all have different way of living, education, culture and upbringing … I believe our habits differs by a lot!

For example, the easterners do not tip as much as the westerners. They rarely do, unless the service is exceptional or out of the way. They however give angbaos to people helping with jobs that involves “death”. For example, grave-diggers, priests …etc.

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    Your excercise habits?

    • Once a week
    • Twice a week
    • More than twice a week
    • Daily
    • Hardly
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    Eating habits?

    • Eat only when I’m hungry
    • Eat around the same time daily
    • Skip meals due to snacking too much
    • Depends on my schedule!
    • I’m on diet!
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    Time-off habits?

    • Scheduled break time in my routine
    • I take breaks when I’m overwhelmed
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    Internet/social media habits?

    • Use Daily
    • 5 or more days a week
    • 1-4 days a week
    • Depends
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    Internet/social media habits 2?

    • Mostly on social media
    • Mostly on video streaming
    • Mostly playing online games
    • Mostly on web surfing (reading news, researching, tutorials…etc)
    • Mostly dealing with work (emails, dropbox…etc)
    • Others
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    What is your tipping habits?

    • More than 20%!
    • 15-20%
    • 5-10%
    • Depends on the service standard
    • I don’t tip
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    Anything else?

    • Yes
    • No


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