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Wet Floor ~ Thursday Reflections

Rain accompanied by strong winds has made the carport wet and dirty with various things such as leaves, plastics wraps, etc. Not to mention the mud from the footprints on the floor, cats or human. So brushing and spraying it with water is a complete package of work that needs to be done.

That’s when I saw the reflection! Of course, it is something useful to take pictures of, and it seems that it is in accordance with today’s weekly challenge, Thursday Reflections. Maybe it’s not a special reflection of something, but it’s still reflections, and I like square reflections in that square pattern, and else.

One thing that impresses from reflection is the emergence of something that is not there but feels like is there, just like something in our mind, and also our ego.

  • Can you guess what all reflections are there in the first picture?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. Yes, I can. I had already started trying to pick out what I saw before you asked. You said you saw the square carport from above on the square pattern. Yes I saw that, then I saw the blue sky, it was daytime, no clouds were present. The tree on the side of the carport is visible. Of course the light coming from the carport above.
    I must say I love the rock work on the carport itself. Great pictures, is it all clean now?

    • For that very clear images, your vision is very reliable!

      I can make the rock work on your carport too if you want.

      It’s all clean yesterday, but I have to sweep it again this afternoon. The wind is very fond to spread leaves in all parts and collecting it in corners.

      • You did that rock work? It is very good. You should see my patio, with a few weeks worth of rain, it looks like a tornado touched down. I will have a lot to clean up when it finally stops.

        • Of course I’m not the one doing it even though I can do it too. lol

          There are times when I leave my patio and carport muddy if I see the potential for rain is so big so that I don’t need to do anything in vain.

  2. We have a similar rain, mud and footprint problem. I can always tell when the mud is greater than the grass in the backyard. There is a trail of footprints across the basement!