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Weird Phobias #1

I will be posting five weird Phobias you might have never known. 

You’ll be astonished there are people who have a fear of things which you would have never thought existed.

Here they are:

1. Otophobia

There are people who fear opening one eye. They ensure they open both eyes because they’re afraid what might happen when they open one eye.

2. Cyberphobia

Yah, there are people who fear computers. It is understandable but they can overcome this fear since learning computer is not difficult.

3. Heliphobia

I have noted all of us here love sunlight. Some of us are wishing for it. But, there are people who are afraid of sunlight. They will avoid going out of their houses during sunlight.

4. Ataxophobia

We all know the benefits of being tidy. Well, there are people who fear being tidy. I don’t know what makes them fear being tidy or ensuring their surrounding is tidy.

5. Botanophobia

All of us here love plants. It’s one of the most posted category on this site. However, there are people who fear plants. They wouldn’t near plants not watch any photo of plants.

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      • I was just joking, because the person I had in mind is very messy, but people are different. Some really can’t focus on anything unless their physical space is neat and tidy, othes may even get inspired by the mess when seeing random objects together, for example. These are only my speculation, in case of phobias it’s really more serious and less racional.

        • Ahh…Yes, there are people who want to be tidy because it doesn’t look staying in a messy place. And some don’t care. But those who have the fear, it’s quite serious.


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