Weird Laws in the United States

I was given a great suggestion by Doc Anderson that I’m going to try here. The focus is on weird, strange, odd, whacky, or stupid laws in the US. I’m going to start specifically with Montana since I live here and no state is immune from laws that are ridiculous.

At the end, in the comment section, please feel free to add any silly laws you know about. These can be on a city or town level, county level, state level, or federal level. It can be any law that you know about that is questionable.

In Montana, it is illegal to:

1. Raise rats for any purpose except as food for reptiles and birds of prey. In other words, it is illegal to own a pet rat.

2. Operate vehicles with ice picks attached to the wheels or tires. I guess that rednecks aren’t limited to the deep south.

3. No items can legally be thrown across a street. What a way to spoil a perfectly good snowball fight with your pals across the street.

4.  It is illegal to go to any city council meeting while carrying hand grenades, bombs, rockets, or large caliber weapons. I guess that if anyone wants to disagree with the city council, they have to resort to the old fashioned yelling, screaming, and throwing punches. I do note, though, that this law doesn’t say much about small caliber weapons.

5.  All pool tables in billiard halls in Montana must be viewable from the street.

6.  It is illegal to annoy anyone using a sidewalk by using a revolving water sprinkler. Other methods of annoying people who are using the sidewalks are apparently okay.

7.  It is against the law to throw pop bottles on the ground in Montana.

8.  Bands that play in clubs that serve alcoholic beverages can’t leave the stage while they are performing. Duh. Most of the bands I know of don’t leave the stage until intermissions or after the performance is over.

  • Which is your favorite silly Montana law?

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What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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