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Wednesday's Thought….. I need positive people around me

In my life I have met many toxic people. Of these, the most toxic ones seemed to me those  who create  a panic about everything, even if there is no real reason. If you have the misfortune to meet them at a time when you are unable to analyze the situation yourself, or if the subject is unfamiliar to you, you will be left with a state of panic and anxiety after meeting them. I try to avoid them as much as I can but unfortunately, they still get in my way! I need positive people around me…

  Just thoughts on a chilly winter day!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. Well, I seem to find more toxic people online than in real life. I think that in real life, people who are openly toxic will suffer social isolation as a result; online, people can behave any way they want without any real consequences.

  2. While at school the nuns taught us this

    “Judge not another but judge within and there you will find enough of sin”

    I apply this to my day to day life I first look within if I am the cause and try to work on it.

      • We, including myself have the tendency to think others are always at fault . We must first look within and believe it or not it is not always 100 percent others create toxicity around us.
        In your case you are the best judge to know whether others are 100 per cent responsible for that toxic atmosphere around you.

        • I am the harshest judge of my own actions, believe me. I have never accused anyone before analyzing my own actions. Toxic people will always find a way to slip into each other’s lives, create dramas and turn them against each other, in order to manipulate a social circle.

          • We need to be strong and yes there are people with ego who cannot face competition and that happens all the time. In a place like this for example I have noticed it but this is a virtual world and therefore it should not be taken seriously. We are not here for a popularity contest after all (lol)


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