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I had a fun new sharing is caring idea yesterday and started doing it this morning. When you open someone’s post at the bottom, there are six related posts. I started commenting, sharing, and then clicking on one of those posts. I then transferred and commented on that post and went back to my regular reading. It was fun to do that today, and I was able to share four old posts. I ran out of time this morning, but I will do that again. It is a variation of the sharing that is a caring challenge, but it is also more comfortable.  Who knows, you may find something exciting in another author’s old posts! Please, sadly, again, if you would send a message to the admin team, we are rapidly approaching a double-digit delay again in approving posts.

I am still finding a benefit for the Sharing is caring. I am not sure why people were so upset about it the first time it was tried on the site. Yes, you do run the risk of your post being full of possible virils earned in a day, But, honestly, how many people are genuinely doing that on posts every day? A couple of folks are, but that is an anomaly. So the risk is small. The impact on other authors is pretty significant (they gain between 15-20 new views for every shared post. In fairness, I have only watched about 80% of the shared posts so that that number could be a little higher or smaller for the posts I didn’t directly watch). The only reason I didn’t watch all the shared posts as there were so many I couldn’t keep up!

Generally, around this time of the month, we should see an update on the dashboard. My hope is they will approve a bunch of posts when they do the update. I know everyone is trying hard to bring views to the site. I know that many of you are frustrated by the lack of Admin or Site Communication. I don’t have a magic bullet or an easy answer. I will remind everyone that we have had several issues on this site since the beginning. Each of those issues changed the location. I hope this one will as well. Perhaps we will get to the self-publication phase of the site’s life cycle. That would be a wonderful thing for all the authors who are currently waiting for approval!

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)

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    The tone of the site feels better anyone else notice that?

    • Yes
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    please email the admins for faster approvals!

    • Yes
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    please report all racist posts (there are a couple ) to the admin team

    • Yes


What do you think?

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  1. Well, I had stopped sharing and caring because I didn’t see much value. I am going to try your “new” method today. It sounds interesting. I know I am going to say something that will probably make no one happy, still, I need to say it out loud and then move on. Why bother to report a post for any reason if the admins refuse to post the writings of our unverified writers? I am going to attempt an attitude adjustment and get back on track.

        • i am open to the universe beyond me. I am no longer open to the universe being humans alone. There is much beyond our atmosphere that we cannot comprehend. Intelligence is something we created and is at best an artificial constitute.

          I can recite Shakespeare’s Merchants of Venice (you are smart).
          I can look up the words for Merchants of Venice (you are lazy)
          and so on.

          intelligence is a joke, a cruel misleader on a path to endless.

          Show me on with a beating heart, who argues against the crowd. That is the person I want to meet!

          • Is it a joke that your own body can dispose its own waste without you even thinking of it? Is it a joke that your heart beat on its own without you willing it? That, my dear Doc Andersen, is pure intelligence 😉. And no, the universe isn’t human alone.

        • now you invoke the scientists. Your body does nothing on it’s own. There is a part of the human brain that manages all of that. It is connected as part of both the pain and functional systems of the body. It is a redundant system to help humans not be horribly stupid.

          so in effect no, your body does nothing without you knowing it, you just don’t have it in the part of your brain that plays movies for your eyes.

          • Is it really all the brain that does it? I was reading something few days back but I wasn’t paying attention to it. Anyway, it said something about the heart’s ability to “think” prior to the information reaching the brain.

          • My view is that life itself is intelligence. I mean it is evident when we look around. The whole universe and all the creation are intelligence of the highest and purest form.

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