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We all are bound by invisible threads

This morning, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the world and the smallness of the world…

I got up early in the morning and run out into the lawn until the smell of boiling coffee flew in the kitchen. I lift my eyes to the horizon and saw the yellow clouds’ sea of sunrise.  And of course, I needed to say hi to these blooming flowers, they delight my eyes every day. How beautiful this world is, even to the sweet pain.

And then happened a strange thing. After launch today I sat in the terrace, and suddenly heard my name. It appeared someone from the neighbors’ side called me. I hardly recognized a woman staying behind my fence. It was my old schoolmate. So happened that she is the cousin of my neighbor. She left Lithuania after graduated from school, and I did not see her for more than twenty years. This world is so small.  The land our, how beautiful and unpredictable you are. And we, humans, like little ants, in that chaos of life, are bound by invisible threads.

I wish you a beautiful Sunday.

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  1. Those beautiful flowers resemble gomphrena. Are they?

    I had managed to get together our classmates after nearly 30 plus years. You can imagine how different we all looked.

  2. It was a really nice surprise, dear friend … I do not know if I could recognize a person I did not see for 20 years … the pictures are wonderful