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Waterlily pond – Nature Tuesday

There is always something magical about seeing waterlilies for me. I used to love scenes as this one in the picture. As a child when we went to my moms home town during the vacation this was a regular scene for me. Just sitting by the pond for hours then made me happy. I would refuse to go back home. The helper ladies who took me to the pond would complain to mom about me everyday.

I had this dream for years that I wanted my own waterlily pond. But here in the city where space is nonexistent this would have remained just a dream. Until I saw how we could grow waterlilies in small tubs.

Now I have four tubs of waterlilies , it may not be as beautiful as this natural pond, but its a dream come true for me.

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  1. When I first started developing our garden here we had a pond and I remember how I used to stop where there were lakes and make my husband pull out lotus plants from there.

    We had a huge collection of different colours until I spotted a snake and that was the end of the lotus pond (lol)

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