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Water Drops – Macro Monday

There are two types of photographers. I’m not talking of amateurs and professionals, but something else.

We have those who think throughly and take few pictures, the few-but-smart.

Then we have those who take hundreds of shots, believing they’ll get one that meets the standards. We’ll call them lottery players.

I belong to the latter, and been considering buying more SD cards, though the camera doesn’t inspire me to take tons of pictures of the same thing, unlike the phone. It’s about speed.

Plus, I won’t be sure of the results until I upload the photos to my computer.


Finally, I got something to share for the Macro Monday Challenge!

It’s a Chrysanthemum, I think.

Not too macro, but macro enough, hopefully.

  • What kind of photographer are you?

    • Few-but-smart
    • Lottery player

What do you think?

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  1. I have a lot to learn about photography I would call myself a ,”Point and shoot” photographer. Photography has taught me a lot about composition but that only comes with experience.
    I like your flower with droplets on it

    • Thanks! 😊 I’m learning as I practice, and read the useful tips the Virily members sometimes share, but formal training would definitely be a good idea. My boyfriend found some good deals in sites like Groupon, I will give them a look soon.
      Before I was given this hybrid (not a fully professional DSLR), I considered saving for the Canon Rebel series.
      It’s small but performing, the size is totally fine because I got small hands. 😄

    • Thank you! 😃 Do you ever regret not taking enough pictures, or thinking you could have done better and it would have only taken some extra seconds? I’m afraid of that and often take many pics just ‘to make sure’. 😄
      But the camera made me lazier, or more confident. I’m usually satisfied with few shots, compared to the phone.

    • I was happy I could ‘work’ with the water drops. 😊
      If you feel hesitant to delete identical pictures, that’s more serious than I expected. 😂
      I like selecting the best ones, and delete the rest. It can take hours, but I like it. 🙂

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