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Water disruption, again?!

There is a scheduled water disruption in my area, which we will not have water supply in these four days.

I can’t remember how many times I have faced the water disruption challenge after moving to this area. There was a month or more when we have this water disruption plan, which we have two days with water and another two days without water for the whole month. There were consecutive three to four days where we have totally no water supply at all. I am still thankful as when this kind of water disruption challenge appeared, we were informed earlier, so we can still get prepared for it. Sometimes, there were some “surprises” where we suddenly did not have water supply. It’s good that those surprises were usually gone in less than a day.

Though it might be quite troublesome and I don’t dare to cook much at home, we have never really run out of water before as we have stored up some water for drinking and using, and we all have water tank installed in each house. If we consume the water wisely, I think the water should still be enough for using.

Sometimes when I think of those people who had to carry the water from river everyday, and I think how grateful we are now as we have water supply all the time.

Do you have water disruption issue in your area?

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