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Water disruption again?!

There were around 4 days we didn’t have water supply in May. It was just two months ago. Luckily we have water storage tank installed in every home, and the water was enough for us for basic usage. We didn’t cook, wash clothes or dishes, and we only did very minimal cleaning.

We hoped the water supply issue has been fixed, and we do not need to face this inconvenient and challenging issue anymore. Here, we have got a notice a few days ago that there will be water disruption again. We will not have water supply for another 4 days!! Since two days ago, some places suddenly have the water cut off without any notice at all.

This water disruption issue has been around since years. It seems like every year we will have to face this similar challenge. There was a year where we encountered more than a month of having two days with water supply, and then two days without water supply.

We are so grateful for having water supply directly to our home, without having to walk far away to carry water and bring them home.

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    Do you prefer having one day no power supply or one day no water supply?

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  1. If water supply would be an issue, I could probably make a way like having a water tank or drum in our home. But it would be more difficult if there is no electricity. It could mean, I won’t be able to work.

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