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Airforce is essential part of modern military, and for this all countries have designed military planes; war planes are most important because they are for either air-to-air combat or for air-strikes on enemy ground. Important factor for war planes are their speed, maneuverability, and size. There are some best war planes country-wise, vote which is your favourite.


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    United States fighter planes

    • F-35A Lightning II
    • C-146A Wolfhound[
    • KC-46 Pegasus
    • F-117 Nighthawk
    • B-2A Spirit
    • AV-8B/+ Harrier II
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    China fighter planes

    • Chengdu J-20
    • Shenyang J-31
    • Nanchang Q-5
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    Russia fighter planes

    • Sukhoi Su-57
    • Diamond DA42T
    • Mil Mi-28
    • Mikoyan MiG-29
    • Tupolev Tu-22M
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    Israel fighter planes

    • IAI Kfir
    • IAI Nesher


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