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Lots of exciting things happening in the short and long run right now. The first is the release of some long-awaited products. The new Segway personal transportation system called Ljmmo (it is also a robot) is shipping now. That should be interesting when they start appearing in the wild. The other things that are coming/soon to be released include some interesting technologies. I promise, based on my past posting of things that didn’t work out, that I will not mention a product until it is shipping. Lummo, arrived in a box at my door yesterday! If you are running Windows 10, the fall update is rolling out over the next couple of weeks. I highly recommend this update, it has a lot of new features but also better support for some things.

Two things that are available and that I am very interesting. The Sonos speakers have added support for Apple Airplay. I suspect throughout the next two-three years we will move away from traditional media sources and everything will be played on the phone. The mindset of the big companies right now would lead me to believe that that is as well. Apple, Google, and Amazon all offer streaming music services today. Honestly, while I find the Apple Music service interesting, and I may add it at some point, I find the connection of voice-controlled speakers and music services is a really interesting mix. I love the Alexa integration with Amazon music.

The other thing that continues to get better and better is the area of 3d scanning. It was, originally, a very difficult thing to set up and use. Now, there are 360 cameras that will support the scanning process of an object. That alone makes scanning easier. 3d printing continues to get easier with every passing day. It makes me pay attention to the software that the 3d and 360 cameras are using. The reason that software is critical has to do with the new world of software. When I started in the software world, you paid less for hardware and more for software. The Apple iTunes system changed that to pay less for software and more for the hardware. The overall change is nearly complete now, so I wonder how the 360 camera vendors will figure out how to operate in the new Freemium world (free software that you charge beyond basic features or in-app purchases!).

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