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Walking in silence

I went for a walk, I planned to walk listening to music. But I could not choose the right songs fitting my mood today – the wind was blowing too much, it seemed to be more important than the songs.

Don’t you have moments when no music seems to fit in, and all your favorite tunes sound out of place?

Then the best solution is silence. You only hear your breath, raindrops on the grass, pebbles under your feet, tree branches above your head.

Sometimes there are films like this, without music at all. You watch and everything looks real, unplayed, with no director’s instructions on how to feel when to laugh and when to tear.

And in life, I need days like this to see myself without the filter, without the romance. Then there’s something to think about, not always fun, not always easy. And when it will become too hard, I’ll play the song again.

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