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Waiting for these to bloom once again

These are the royal purple bougainvillea which are still not visible.  Our gardener was a bit ruthless in that he deep pruned this plant.  

Fortunately it has survived and we see new  branches but with no flowers yet  In general, everything is taking time here at Solitaire. I have hopes this too will showup soon. 

Bougainvillea need little or not maintenance.  A bit of water and gentle pruning is all that they wait for. We have many colours and I see others in bloom but not profusely. I have to wait for that a bit longer, to happen. 

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  1. My friend’s garden is overflowing with bougainvilleas right now. I have just planted some royal purple cuttings, so far they look good. I always deep prune my bougainvilleas. Maybe your gardener was just a bit late.

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