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Wacky Wednesday – the Reminder…..! ;D

This is just a post about some of my latest posts some of you have missed, hahaha… ;D

There was less activity on Virily lately which I posted about in my latest post, Less Activity on Virily Lately, and I posted a lot of serious posts these days so I thought it would be funny to make such a post like this.. Just to relax a little and be funny… πŸ˜‰

So those posts are…:

Virily – Some Tips for Earning More and Making Others Earn More,

and don’t forget to pay attention to my latest funny post:

Finally Got in the First 20…! Β (nice article for the Wacky Wednesday ;D even though it’s published on Tuesday, I mean if the admin approves it then, and now it can apply for the longest title too, hahaha ;D)

You can also check my Posts list…! ;D

Enjoy!… ;D

  • Which kind of my posts do you like the most?

    • Art, craft and design themed
    • Virily themed
    • Funny ones… πŸ˜‰
    • None


What do you think?

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  1. I love posts on nature. Posts which tell me something about your part of the world. While I like virily posts , I personally look at this site as my fun kinda site. I don’t want to get serious here.. I do that elsewhere.

    • I don’t post about nature, I didn’t come here for that… I am an artist… It was like that for me too until some people made me serious by their own behavior (towards me) here, also due to many and constant Virily problems which affect us all some things were needed to write and share opinions about…, so I’m not sure if I’ll stay on Virily, tired and sick of some people!…

      • Sorry I do not understand your reactions. I responded to your post. I spoke about ‘my interests’. I am new here and not involved in the issues here, so your reaction is kind of out of context to me.

        • OK… Since in this post I asked about my posts, and you said what you like and don’t like, I thought you were talking about my posts… – you said you like to see photos of nature from my part of the world and that you like Virily posts (I write about Virily too) but that you don’t want to get serious here (and I supposed you thought my Virily posts are serious) and that you do that elsewhere – so I thought you were also talking about me – that I should be serious elsewhere…

          Like I said, currently I am under a large impression of some conflicts here where people are usually judging me so I thought you kinda judged and advised me in a way…

          I again apologize for my reaction, currently I’m not posting, not commenting, just trying to calm down, but I saw your comment and wanted to answer… Maybe I should have waited a little longer….. 😐

          • PS I know you are new here but some people know each other from other sites and I thought maybe you were reading some of my comments in other people’s articles (like some people do… :/ 😐 ) so made some conclusions came from that therefore the interpretation of the comment…

            Btw, thanks for visiting my older posts and appreciating my visits to your posts that way…! πŸ™‚

  2. In general, I enjoy posts that are revealing some strategies in order to earn more money or to get more traffic to our blogs. But when I started to become serious with Virily, I started to learn to love topics and posts about flowers, nature, arts, hobbies and skills, birds, and animals. I even started to take photos of my cat and everything around the house. Perhaps I need to pay a talent fee for my cat because of what I am currently doing.

    Well, your posts are interesting, so I see to it to read those every time.

    • I understand… I think both the topics are interesting/important in a way that is why I’m posting both… Many voted art posts here and only 1 Virily themed but the truth is that I think I get much more views and replies to the Virily themed ones… Such themes were important here when the problems were occurring so it presented a place to express the opinion about them and other Virily themes and exchange opinions, experiences and the much needed information here since admins are unfortunately rarely answering here!… :/
      I also understand your change of interest since there are many other creative posts, topics and photos, that is what I love the most and actually my main interest here as an artist too…
      I am glad it inspired you to post such things too. Yes, maybe you should, heheheheeh!… ;D

      Thanks much for thinking and doing so, I’m very glad you find them interesting and like them…! πŸ™‚

    • Hehehe, thanks much for thinking so…! πŸ˜€ Yes, time and having enough daily Virils to comment everything you want, i lack that sometimes too, ehh… ;/E πŸ˜€ Yes!, I agree, that is how I act too, the same…..! πŸ™‚

  3. My dear friend does not have strict rules here.
    Every one of us has something to attract him to read the post. Sometime it is a painting, sometimes I am the title of post and sometimes the author of the post.
    I appreciate your initiative to get more members who look at your posts.
    Unfortunately, I’m also writing something good and having a poor visit.
    That’s why I say “no rules”

    • Yes, of course, I know that… πŸ™‚ It’s actually how I act the most too… I just usually tend to reward all the ones I appreciate no matter if I like the post much or less – with some exceptions if it’s something I really dislike or have a negative interest like Alibb said…
      Oh, it was actually meant to be a funny post, but I WAS worried a little these last couple of days since the activity on the site seemed to be quite low and some of the people that usually comment my posts did not so i was wondering if it’s something about me personally or my posts, or it’s actually due to the slowness of the site… :/|(
      I’m very sorry you have a poor visit, I really tend to support you every time I see your posts, the problem is I usually go from the top of the Latest page and sometimes get of of the daily Virils very quick but I do always open all your posts…! πŸ™‚ maybe I should change that tactics but it’s the easiest way for me, but I will try… Maybe you could try commenting others’ posts more, maybe that will attract more viewers…!

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