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Vogue Magazine : Melania Trump do not meet our standard

After the interview of Vouge Editor in Chief, a Cold War began between Melanie Trump and Vouge Editor in Chief. Anna Wintour actually said in an interview given to CNN’s journalist Christine Amanpur, that she make those political women the ‘Vogue’ celebrity those who have an important role.

Although in the past Melania Trump has become the title of ‘Vogue’s’ in 2005, However, as the US president’s wife, No photographs of her on Vogue’ have begun to raise many questions.

The CNN journalist questioned Vogue’s Editor in Chief, that Why do they make political women and social leaders a celebrity of fashion magazines? Anna wintour said on the journalist’s question. If your question is regarding former American first lady Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, then let me make it clear that she played an important role in numerous issues.

According to the fashion magazine editor in chief, global political leaders and social workers are role models for women around the world, that is why they are made celebrity of Vouge and anna wintour added, that Melania Trump is still not made the Vogue’s celebrity because she did not perform any important meaningful action, and she do not meet the quality and standard of fashion magazine’s.

  • Is melania really do not qualify for the standard of Vouge ?

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    • No

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