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Visit to the zoo in Ljubljana – 10

The Ljubljana Zoo also has the highest animal in the world – a giraffe. Žiráfa is African equine equine species and the highest among all terrestrial fauna. The females can reach a height of 4.8 to 5.5 meters and weigh up to 1360 kilograms. The females are slightly smaller and weigh less. The living environment is Africa, with the exception of deserts and primeval forests. Giraffes are social animals, they live in groups that can be very different in composition and abundance. The females leave their mothers for about 3 years and sometimes travel in a group with other males looking for alive females. They are flying all year long, with the peak of mating in the rainy season. The female feeds for 15 months and kicks one puppy. Because the cornice stands, the giraffes begin to live a life with a drop of 2 meters, with head and forelegs on. Giraffes live up to 25 years and grow just as much. For the first two years, growth is very intense, then slows down. Immediately after birth, they can grow up to 7 centimeters per month.

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    Did you know that the giraffe is the tallest animal in the world?

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    Did you know that the giraffe lives only in Africa?

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  1. Great pictures, dear friend.
    I only saw them at the zoo or Safari Garden as well but didn’t know much about them. This post gives me sufficient knowledge. To be sure, I cannot compete with giraffes in terms of growth, especially at the time after the animal was born.

  2. Lovely photo, we also have giraffes in New Zealand Zoos, I love the giraffe. Years ago as a 6 year old I was eating an apple at the Auckland Zoo.
    Then I heard a mighty “crunch” and looked up to see the face of a Giraffe eating my apple.
    It smiled at me as if to say,”thanks very much”
    I told him or her that he was very welcome.

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