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Virily’s Newbie’s Response About Virileans’ Edited Published Old Blog Posts


That’s it!  With illumination and logic (as my photo shows), I gotta say,  I don’t care at all.

I will search out for you on Virily. I’ll give up time for other things just to get to know you better. Be enlightened by. Learn from you. Discuss with you– if that’s what you really want on Virily– new or edited old published blogs. I really can’t tell the difference.

All I care about is I appreciate what you write. I can see from every line upon line you share. So, you matter. I care about what you think. I will make my friends and relatives miss me on Facebook, which, hardly anyone misses anyone for weeks and months anyway.

I’ll read your blogs because I know they are very important to you and you care. The last three weeks writing and awaiting for review–3 to 10 days– on Virily,  I busy myself reading and commenting, upvoting, answering polls, quizzes and sharing.

As Newbie, my take regarding— what’s trending, most commented, most discussed– I don’t give a hoot about them. My writing marathon and reaching my goal continues on on Virily. Lastly, I will fully enjoy the benefits of community-sense here.

It does make sense.

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    Do you enjoy it here on Virily?

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    Do you read and comment on other Virileans’ posts because they read and comment on your posts?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I forget about them


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Written by Country Mama

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  1. Thanks for your positive thoughts. I don’t care if the post is edited or not. I don’t even look at trends. First I look and comment on the posts of the members who return my views. Then the rest, depending on how long I have.

  2. this is a great approach, the one i was supporting actually but it’s hard to “fight” against those negative people looking at these things differently. i also think it’s important “returning the favor” but not just because of that…! i comment the ones who don’t comment me too but after some time it started bothering me they never “returned” anything :/ 😐

  3. I love virily I am here though I’ve got to be doing some serious stuff. Like you I don’t care too much about trending and most commented. It just doesn’t matter to me. I read and comment on what I like , like your post right now.

  4. What a refreshing view. There is much to remember and much to consider but you are right the sense of community is critical.

    The reality of the only commenting on those who comment on your posts is worse now because of the comment limits.

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