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Virily's fragile software

I surely cannot be alone in sometimes despairing over the fragility of Virily’s software, which often has me metaphorically tearing my hair out in frustration!

This problem reveals itself mostly when trying to post polls and quizzes, and in particular when trying to enter questions and possible answers.

You think you have entered a question, press Add, and the line completely disappears! So you enter it again, only to discover that you have actually entered it twice!

The answers are just as peculiar. You have Yes and No as standard, which might be OK or you might want to add alternative and/or extra answers. But will they appear in your final version? That is anyone’s guess! 

It might be wise to save as Draft then Preview the result, but that doesn’t always work either. It might look as though everything is hunky-dory, so you Publish. When you look at the “public” result you often find that this is nothing like the version you thought you had saved – lines might be missing, or they might be repeated! So you have to Edit the result and try again.

I have stopped posting Quizzes because they are so appallingly difficult to get right – every question has to be repeated – sometimes more than once – before it appears as it should. It therefore takes far longer than it should to post a quiz of 8 or more questions.

With Virily’s polls and quizzes, it is often not the case that “what you see is what you get” – it can be something very different!

Can we please have better software, Virily?

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  1. I have had to save the draft a few times over until I have the desired results. Sometime there is only ‘Yes’ for a response. Quirky Virily.

  2. I wonder first if they read posts anymore. They have alluded to being busy lately. My last email from support (yesterday) was that they had other things to work on.

    i would honestly say the biggest issue we have is the reality of where we are.

    I am convinced we’ve reached the tipping point for Virily. We either succeed or fail in the next two months.
    views are down.
    rate to 100 views is way slower

    So, are we on the cusp of no Virily?

    • It would not surprise me at all if everything fell over quite quickly. Virily is showing the signs of a website that is in trouble, and those of us who have been around for a while on similar sites know full well that they can disappear with little or no warning. It would pay us all to preserve what we can in the hope of using it elsewhere – always assuming that there is an “elsewhere” – when the time comes.

  3. Creating polls and quizzes here can be very challenging and often take me a long time to do them. But VIrily is not the only one to run into problems. I had a post accepted by Vocal and when I went to do another post a page popped up with a red banner saying there was a problem. I reported this problem but have not been back now to see if I can post.

  4. I have become used to the software’s vagaries, at least on the quiz front. I regularly experience all of what you describe – except the last part. Never (really, never, and I have made hundreds of quizzes) has the published result differed from what I saw when I carefully examined the preview done after saving as draft. I joined Virily because I was looking for a site to host the quizzes I somehow felt compelled to create. And I have never found any other site offering such functional (even if quirky and buggy) software. Complaining is easy. I choose to be grateful 🙂

  5. We have this issue and somehow Virily nohow correct it. Now I each post save in draft, edit and reload the page several times till it gets the right view. Actually, it is becoming too frustrating as I waste a lot of time.

  6. Join the bandwagon. I think we have all complained about these issues for awhile now. It is very frustrating and nothing seems to be changing. I feel your frustration.

    • It is such a shame that Virily makes it so difficult to make contributions. I am sure that a modest investment in a proper software upgrade would pay dividends.