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Virily – the “HOT” Posts Page

In my Do You Ever Watch the Trending List…? + the Color Crazy Challenge – Indigo post I wrote about the “trending” posts which have that small purple “thunder” sign in the top left corner of the thumbnail of the post or beside the number of views inside the post and therefore get into the Trending posts list (usually after being removed from the Most Commented list but, I think, not necessarily had to previously be there) which I’ve almost never visited before till recently when I’ve found out about it and that it is actually updating regularly…

But recently I’ve noticed when that sign in one of my latest posts changed into the red “hot” sign…! I was wondering what that means since there is no Hot posts list so I thought it’s only a sign the post reached the certain number of views (more than the trending posts have) until I clicked on that sign which took me to the Hot posts page…!!! I was surprised that page even existed so tried to find it from the Home page Menu (there was the Home > Hot title at the top of the page) but there is no such link so I guess this is (at least currently) the only way to approach it…

On that page I found my currently “hot” post, Virily – How the Payments Are Calculated and Made and How to Interpret the Dashboard – the Confusions Resolved…!!!, which is currently on the 5th place there, and what I also found there are also the Latest Votes at the right side of the page – something like the Latest Comments that were on the Main (Home) Virily page before but currently removed…

So seems this is the page where the “trending” posts go after becoming more popular than “trending” – but “hot” so check it out, maybe some of your posts are currently there….. 😉

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    • Yes, no wonder since there no link for it, hehehe…! ;/ 😀 Even some old members didn’t know about it so it is either a new implementation either no one actually noticed it till now… :/ Thanks…! 🙂

  1. This site already existed. I think it was called Top 10 … I’m not sure, but I had 3, 4 posts at one time in the first 10. Branka, as far as I can remember, had success on that page. Her post about Kragujevac and Sumarice were among the first 10 .

    • Thank you for appreciating it…! 😉 🙂 Yes, me neither till recently, and seems even the old users haven’t…..! Maybe it is a recent new implementation, who knows….. :/ 🙂 Yes, it is, even if it’s “only” in the Trending, and this especially…..! :)))
      Thanks much for commenting…! 🙂

    • :))) I am glad you came here to comment… 🙂
      Yes, unfortunately we are not informed but could be it is a new implementation since I think I haven’t seen it before but just recently although not quite sure….. :/ I guess they (admins) think we will just find out about such things ourselves or already suppose about them by clicking everything on the site… It actually never occurred to me to click on that button before since I already knew about the Trending page from the Menu but once I was just browsing and opening some posts from someone’s posts page and noticed that when I hover over that purple button in the corner it “moves” (there is an animation…) so that intrigued me so I though what if I clicked on it…, so i did that and there was The Hot Posts Page…..!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

        • Yes, I agree, I don’t know why they are not informing us, for example with announcements, but I guess it’s like everything else… :/ Either it’s because they are constantly making some changes and implementing things so it would be too much to inform us every time (or they just think it is not necessary, like I wrote in the comment above), or it’s like with answering messages and complaints…..: sometimes they answer but sometimes they’re not – to me it seems it’s when it’s something they maybe currently can’t solve (or when it’s maybe their mistake, a glitch or something like that so they can’t give the answer….. 😐 )… I will write about one of such things soon….. 😉

        • I also noticed they don’t answer when everything is actually ok, or the problem you write about is actually not a problem – like with the dashboard I wrote about… – many are complaining when everything is actually ok… I was also recently told by the Virily Editor they can’t manage to answer everything due to the priorities – there is always something that pops-up as a priority so that is the way they are doing and answering things…

          • I have no ideas about how they work around here. I still think they should let us know what is going on. Just my opinion. It only takes a few seconds to add an announcement to the top of the page.

    • Really????? 🙂 How did you know about it, how you found it…? (Probably the same way as me, hehehe… ;/D ) 🙂 You are welcome…! Oh, you probably meant you actually -didn’t- know about it just misspelled it… :/ 🙂
      Thanks for commenting…! 🙂

    • Hehehe, neither me just until recently… Aww, why do you think so…, I think your posts are quite visited… Actually it counts all views, so even when you open them yourself (for example when you come to reply to the received comments so…)… Thanks…! 😀 😉

      • Lol… I don’t think my posts are that popular but well, I do get visits from good friends so no complain here 🙂

        LOL, then maybe I should try reading all my posts again so they move up the list :p Just kidding, it probably takes too much time …

        • I’m always visiting your posts so I see you do get a lot of comments… You also post a lot… 🙂

          Hahhaa, no that is not what I meant but I thought you could think something like that, ehehhe… ;/ 😀 I wanted to say it -adds- to the visits too but of course you need other people’s visits too, heheheheeh ;p)))

          • I post a lot more in the past, I cut down quite a lot already … (I got lazy) :p

            I guess friends here are really supportive… they’ll visit posts even when it’s not something that interests them. Have to really thank them for that.

        • Lazy?????!…… 😀 You post 3 posts a day…!, hahahah….. ;p 😀

          Yes, that is how I look at things too and tend to reward the ones that reward me as well and even more than they reward me, but, unfortunately, not all of them think that way – some never visit even though I visit all of their posts…! :/, so I’m thinking about changing that and rewarding only as much I’m rewarded….. ;/)

          • Well, yes, some days I’ve 3… but sometimes, the posts were “carried over” due to the delay in publishing.

            I used to think much about the “reward system” and give lots of attention to who visited and who did not… but then at some point, it gets tiring (my brain memory too small :p) and some friends changed their usernames.
            So I just read whatever that interests me … and of course of a few friends who have been supportive and sharing great stuffs!!

        • Ohhhh, ok, sorry, I forgot about that….. :/

          Hahhaah… 🙂 I know, that is how I act too, visit all the ones that I like and who support me too, but at some point I started minding some people because some things I don’t understand… I don’t understand people who don’t feel bad -at all- when someone visits all of their posts (because I like them) and you almost never visit them or just sometimes… I can understand not having time for everything, but some of those people post 2-5 posts a day and I was commenting Each of them while due to that neglected many other users who I wanted to reward too… That is something that I can not understand…..! 😐 Especially that one of them told me she “comments when she has something to say” while in the private message said something completely else (she doesn’t comment due to misunderstandings…)… You can’t say that you Never have Anything to say, my posts are not something you can Never relate to, especially that I post a variety of things, and one of them is also her own theme – photography… 😐

          • I can’t really say for others. but I think we all have different patterns and way of doing things, different commitments etc. Some of us are more quiet, some of us more responsive. You’ve reached out to them, respect that maybe they’re not ready to make communication just yet.

        • Of course, but we all have those same things… It is another thing when you see those same people commenting other people and you, who gave them so much, they don’t appreciate, you can’t say it’s that…
          Yes, I am one of those people too but still tend to be fair….. ;p
          I can not say it is the situation because we already know each other for a long time here….. I think it’s just not respectful and grateful…..

    • Well well well, thanks for stopping by, hehehe 😉 😀 ;p 🙂 Neither have I!!! I was very surprised founding out about this one…! 😀 I am glad you find it exciting too…!!! 😀 Very welcome, hehehe…! 🙂 Kisses…….. ;)))

  2. The first time a post of mine became hot, I was a little frightened because that purple flame made me think the worst, like the post was literally burning or something.
    Yeah, I’m not totally sane, I know. 😄
    But then I saw it had to do with the views.
    I didn’t know there was a page for Hot Content. Hot meant as popular, not NSFW. 🙄
    Good to know! 😃

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