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Virily – Some Tips for Earning More and Making Others Earn More

You all know I recently posted the article Some New Ideas for Earning Virils (and Improving Virily Traffic) and Some Coincidences on how to earn more by visiting/opening old (latest active) users’ posts from the Users list and now I want to add something to it…

In one of my latest posts, Do You Ever Watch the Trending List…? + the Color Crazy Challenge – Indigo, I wrote about the old posts with several k views that were constantly in the Trending list whenever I visited it during the last couple of days… We also discussed how’s that possible some posts to have more than 6 or 30k views here so because of one of the comments I again visited the Trending list to see which posts are there now and are those old posts still there… I found only one of them therefore I opened it (again)….. What happened is that I again got Virils for opening it even though I’ve opened and commented it just recently…!

Also, if you remember what I wrote in my Some New Ideas for Earning Virils (and Improving Virily Traffic) and Some Coincidences post is that I suggested an idea about visiting Latest active users’ posts from the Users list and what happened when I was visiting/opening their articles is that even though I was opening the articles I have already opened I was getting Virils for them Again

That made me to conclusion that probably after some time (not sure how long) already opened posts give Virils again… So if you didn’t reach your daily limit for opening posts and you want to reward or EXTRA reward some people whose articles you already opened long ago – no matter you’ve already commented them or not, or the ones who constantly support your new posts but don’t have that many posts nor post that often so you (thought) you already opened/visited/commented/rewarded all of them, this is one of the ways… The best way is to start from the last page of their posts because we don’t know how long it takes for the new, recently opened articles, which are on the first posts’ pages to become “unopened” again but you can, of course, choose your own ways… 😉

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    • Wow, really…..?!? 🙂 I didn’t know that, I thought you are the user who just wasn’t active for a long time… 🙂 OK, great then, and thanks much, I am glad you find this useful…! 🙂 I am an artist and posting my work but lately I write a lot about Virily due to some problems and changes that were/are happening on the site, and also about some “tips” I am using in my activity/earning here, so I hope you will find some useful info there, if not do not hesitate to ask, hehehe… 😉
      Thanks much, and I will comment on your post(s) a little later!!! 🙂

  1. I didn’t know. I think I might actually practice it without knowing, my memory isn’t always good, I’d be able to open an article I’ve already read believing I’ve never read it before. 😄
    I’m not constantly active, so there gotta be tons of posts I haven’t seen yet and they can last for a lifetime, but it’s a good tip for those who are always here instead. 🙂

    • Hehheeh, yes, I think that has been happening to me too until I found this out, hehehe… ;D
      Yes, it doesn’t mean a lot in your situation but for the ones that have already visited/opened all the articles can mean something… 😉

      PS If you could answer me here on the things I wrote you in that other member’s article, it disturbs me since I had a problem with her before…

  2. If some one up votes me that I see in my notifications I use that to go to their posts.
    If I have time I try to click on as many peoples posts as possible.

    I will be honest to say here that I don’t know how this system works but any effort is worth a try

    • Yes, I understand… Yes, that is what I tend to do too.. But I usually have another order… I generally know who and how much commented/rewarded me so I go through the Latest list and reward everyone who rewards me and other people and articles I like… I must admit, sometimes I reward some people much more than they reward me (some of them post much more than me daily) and it seems like they forget that… I feel like I’m investing much more effort than most of the people here…

      What I described is the most profitable way to earn the most that is possible to earn when it comes to daily limits for opening posts… There are some other things to pay attention when commenting and opening articles too but that in some of the next articles… 😉

      Maybe there are some other ways I’m not familiar with that people do but this is what I found the most profitable for me…

      • To sum everything up… – commenting and replying to comments is one thing but when there are Virils for Opening posts left (the daily limit not reached yet) you can choose how to fill it – whose posts to open and earn the most of it…

  3. Generally when I open up my notifications I find another person’s comment click on that and then reply and then I go through my entire post on all the comments and click on the first person to make a comment.
    I get a post of theirs which is new and then go back to notifications and go through everyone’s comments and posts.
    I don’t know if that earns me more virils or not.
    If I have clicked on all the new posts I try and find one that I have not opened before.
    It is time consuming but will do my best to reward those who visit my posts.

    • Yes, that is how I and other people usually and mostly do too but this post is not that much about commenting but about something else… It is mostly about opening posts…
      For example, if a person who you want to reward doesn’t have any new or old posts that you haven’t already opened (meaning: you’ve already opened and commented all of them) then, since already opened old posts become “unopened” after some (meaning: you can get Virils Again for them even though you have already opened them), in such situations you can, for example, open those old posts that you’ve already visited again… You don’t have to comment again (you can but don’t have to) you can only open them, one or several of them…
      Also, it is somehow calculated in the daily limit… Meaning…: if you didn’t spend all the daily Virils for opening posts you can “fill” that limit and earn more by opening of the posts I mentioned above… – Actually that was the main idea for earning more… – filling that daily limit and using it to earn more and at the same time when possible making others earn more using that same way….. 😉

      I’m not sure I explained well but I hope you understood me… Of course you don’t have to do it, that is just an example how you can earn more for yourself and at the same time for others…

      I know everything here is time consuming, I have the same problem since I answer every comment, but opening of posts isn’t, at least shouldn’t be, but it also depends of how you organize it… I have my own ways that I find the most practical so….. 😉

  4. Yes, I know that when you visit a post, it will record the IP address that you used. So when you are using a dynamic IP, the address will be different every time you turn on/off the device. This will give you a new address and will let you get another point when you opened an old post you previously visited.

    Those articles which have thousands of views might have been SEO optimized and get views from non-members. If that is the case, we can share our contents on Pinterest and social media to get more views and will allow us more Virils.

    • No… That does not happen here… You don’t get Virils again for the articles you’ve already opened in the period of the last 6 months at least… The problem, or better say the question is how did I get Virils again for the article I’ve opened just several days ago… That is at the same time one of the articles with several k views I wrote about in my “Trending List” post…

      Of course… But does it mean SEO optimised…..? What should those articles have in order to be that…? I’m actually quite surprised because the articles that have that many views are published by 3 members of the same nationality… They came much later after me on this site and moved quite fast in the top 10-20…..!!!
      Heh… Many of us have shared articles on social media but you do agree it’s quite impossible to get something like more than 30k views for an article that is about the received Virily payment which btw many share in an article after they received it…? It was quite impossible to me to imagine 200 or 300 guest views some members had via social networks not to say 30k views…..!

    • Thanks very much Vidocka, I’m glad you like it…!!! 😉 Yes, me neither, although I’m quite confused how that article that is (still) in the Trending gave me Virils 2 times in a row within just a few days….. (it is one of those articles with several k views I wrote about in one of my latest articles btw…;/) Great, I’m glad for that…! 🙂

    • That’s great, I’m surprised you knew that…! 😀 Opening of posts usually takes the least time and can be done quite quick, although, yes, you can’t do everything at the same time so some “organization” has to be done, heheheh 😉
      Thanks for commenting…! 🙂

    • PS I forgot to ask you what do you think about this article with several k views from the Trending that gave me Virils twice within just several days…? (it’s one of those articles I wrote about in one of my latest posts about the Trending list if you remember…)

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