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Some Virily Problems And How Would You Change the Look of the Virily Main Page? POLL

Hi all!!! πŸ™‚

I started making these polls about Virily since, like you already know, there have been some changes, and some of us users aren’t/haven’t been quite satisfied with them… It seems that the changes are still in the process, some things are getting fixed, like finally, the photos in our old posts are visible again! (Yaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! ? ? ), etc…, some not yet, like now some of our newly published posts are Not visible yet on our profile pages, etc…, but hopefully will be fixed soon…! ? It also looks (to me) that the admins are trying to find the best solutions for the site and improving it, and I believe they are doing their best trying to make this site look and work the best! We also wouldn’t mind if they communicated with us more often….. πŸ˜‰

Now… In my first Virily poll, The Virily Changes, 67% of you said they liked the old look of the main page more than the new look, 76% said they find it hard to find posts that are interesting for them regarding to the long scrolling of the main page, 73% said that it was easier for the people to find their post while the old look of the site…

Although it now seems that the look of the main page is the smallest problem or not a problem at all, since we are all now probably kind of already used to it, I was just wondering, how would you like the main page to look if you were the designer in order for it to be the most efficient for the users and for the site and would you change it at all… How and where would you place the posts, the ads and the new features, how would you change their size, and would you put more features and/or remove some…..? My personal opinion is that the posts could be a little smaller, maybe in a form of a larger thumbnail or something like that, in order to make the scrolling and finding posts easier, while there should also be the space for the new features, so it would be something between the old and the new look….. I made some suggestions below and you are welcome to write yours in the comments! πŸ˜‰

Thank you for visiting and enjoy! πŸ™‚

Note: Photo made by me.Β 

  • Would you keep the current look?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Would you turn back the old look?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Would you make a new look which would be a mix of the old look and the new look?

    • Yes (describe in the comments)
    • No
  • Would you make a completely new looking page?

    • Yes (describe in the comments)
    • No
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What do you think?

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  1. I liked the thumbnail approach, too. I can’t kep up with all the changes though, but I can see that they are working and they’ll need some time. It’s difficult to create something new, maybe we should be more patient. I like this poll, because people can express their thoughts. Well done!

    • Glad to hear that. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ Yes, it seems that way, and we probably should, wise words from you!….. πŸ™‚ Although I see they do some things literally in a day and for some other, more important (and maybe not even that complicated) things it takes months….. πŸ™ Thank you very much!!! πŸ™‚ I’m preparing more polls and thoughts about Virily, although it becomes a little overwhelming… :/

    • I understand but I don’t know how could that be resolved…? All the notifications come in a real-time manner so, maybe they should separate comments from other notifications or something like that…..? To make several sections with different kinds of notifications maybe… Have you got an idea for that, how those notifications to appear?

  2. Honestly I did not take this poll. The reason is that I am new here and I don’t know what the old version of the site looked like. So, it would be unfair for me to do this. However, I don’t find the layout of this site to be too friendly. And I have been part of many sites like this. I remember way back when MyLot looked totally different. Then they changed it to a much better and easier way. I remember Bubblews in the beginning. It was cool then it changed, it wasn’t bad. But they are gone. And I also remember Niume, that site was nicely designed. Worked well but they are now gone. Persona Paper is another site that I used, still around but does not pay. It was okay at best for site design. This one is okay in my book but could use some simplification. When site is too busy or crowded, I tend to not want to bother much.

    • It is ok and perfectly understandable… Well, the old look was a thumbnail look and made the scrolling and finding posts much easier…..! I guess that is the reason why you find it the way you do…..? And thank you for the detailed description, I understand everything you wrote!!!

      • Yeah Niume was designed right. I liked the look of that site a lot. I love MyLot. I have been a member for many years there. I do remember when they sold it and they stopped paying. Then they bought it back and started paying again. With a redesign of course. This site is okay in looks. Nothing special. But people say it is a great site to be with. So I am here.

          • Well, I like it there. Look, it’s whatever works for the individual, right? So I have this site to write on and MyLot. That works for me. Besides, having more than two sites to write on will make me nuts. The other sites are more or less easy to do.

          • Well, I am sure this site can use some upgrades to it. More user friendly. But for now I guess we have to deal with it the way it is. Hopefully over time they will revamp things again.

        • Sorry I somehow missed one of your older comments…: yes, writing on two sites is just enough. I liked MyLot in a way but currently it is just too much… Maybe eventually….. Like you said, whatever works for an individual… What other sites you use?

          Now the latest comment: I think there shouldn’t be worries, it was just a temporary problem but now it shoudl be solved….;)

          • Cool. Glad to hear that. I am with MyLot and love it, I use PaidViewpoints and MyPoints. Also I sometimes go to Slice the Pie. Other than that nothing else. I used to use many other sites but all of those sites are gone now. Yeah, we have to do what we feel comfortable with.

          • Well, MyLot is like this site only I like it better. PaidViewpoints is a sort of survey site. You get emails basically everyday and you take short simple surveys. They are way easier than other survey sites. And when you reach 15 dollars you get paid out. Slice the Pie, you can write a review of music, clothes and something else, I forgot. It is cool. MyPoints, that is somewhat like SwagBucks. You earn points for watching videos, searching the internet, the daily 5 they call it as well and when you buy something from a store that is listed on their site, like Amazon, you earn points for shopping. I like those sites.

          • I guess I like MyLot better because I have been with them for many years now. And they weathered the storm of sites opening and closing.

        • That is really great!… πŸ™‚ Yes, I liked it too but haven’t got much response on my art there… Also, whenever I posted there were people who came to spit and criticise… I guess it is that kind of a site, although I miss it in a way lately so maybe I’ll post again there… πŸ˜‰

          Why are you that absent here…?

          • I have been busy offline for awhile. I am still trying to get my apartment in order. I have way too many things and I want to simplify now. I remember your art work on MyLot. I loved all of them. But I hear you, maybe MyLot is not the site for that. And I cannot believe that people were rude there to you. Wow. Horrible. But I am still there and I am going to give this site an honest try for once. I am always skittish when I start a new site. I guess you can understand that.

        • No worries… Thank you, I’m very glad you remember my artworks and that you liked them… πŸ™‚ MyLot is and interesting site, but from the first day I noticed people are very skeptic and can be very provocative and attacking there… They like to discuss and I don’t… Yes, I understand… I am kind of fed up currently with this site, I’m not satisfied with many things and maybe I will reduce my activity here, at least for a while….. :/
          Thanks for dropping by!!!… πŸ™‚

          • Well, I am trying to give this site a chance. I just cannot seem to get comfortable here I am with MyLot. Or even the old Bubblews. Maybe if they simplify this site it might improve. Well, enjoy your day and I hope you had a wonderful 4th.

  3. There is lots to like and lots to not like. I am always happy when I am able to understand how something works but frustrated when I cannot find out what is going on. I would like to see the categories changed somewhat. I like writing about the paranormal and i have not done so yet here because then I have to post in Other or do I? You see at present there are still more questions than answers. Then also I love to write about music but when I do and include videos not always they show up because a photo or advertisement leaves them in just link form and that does not make for a good article. Etc, etc, etc,

    • I know, I understand, I feel the same way… :/ Yes, I also wrote in some of my previous posts and polls about Virily, when all of these problems occurred, that it would also be good to have more categories… I also mentioned it to an admin once when I needed the Photography category (posting in Nature&Science photos about nature is not logical to me but understandable…), she then said that there will be some changes… There are now some other changes but categories are still the same… Maybe in the future they will change that too or add some…
      I don’t know why that happens with your videos, but definitely you should write a message to an admin about that or maybe they even already know that and are trying to fix it… They do know about some problems but I don’t know why they haven’t fixed them yet.

    • Exactly!!!!! Notifications about new followers sometimes go straight to the “Read” folder and I wrote about that to the admins dozens of times, but no one seems to understand nor replies to that complaint. I don’t understand what you meant by that second sentence?

  4. I will put this one general comment now and answer each one of you later…. :

    Notifications about who upvoted/downvoted our posts are very useful in cases when someone only opens and upvotes your post without commenting it, because, without upvoting, you wouldn’t know who opened your post and couldn’t return a favour!!!!!

    Previous notifications when we were upvoting and reacting were there because we were getting points for upvoting and reacting on someones post at that time! Now they canceled getting points for that…..

    • Interesting idea!… What kind of layouts would you put?

      I don’t mind the new black notifications, they were more annoying for me while they were at the bottom, covering the upvote/downvote buttons while scrolling and opening posts on the main page!… I had to wait until tey’re gone to upvote a post…! Pretty annoying…..! :/
      I just mind that they cover some things on the screen and don’t fade away by themselves…! Instead we have to close all 100 of them manualy…..! :/

  5. I am going to start sounding like a broken record. I would like to see less categories, some could be condensed. There are too many in my opinion. I would take the new look of the front page, and combine it with the thumbnails of the first page they designed. We need thumbnails, STAFF: you would see an increase in revenue if more people could easily access the posts from where they left off, instead of scrolling. I would do away with the notifications about what you just did, meaning I know I commented on or up voted on so n so’s post. I do like the new black box that pops up when a notification comes through, it used to be purple, and would pop up on the bottom left corner.
    I wish the staff would answer comments in a timely fashion, even if they do not know the answer or are waiting for the owner. They could say something like I got your message, and we are aware, and are trying to fix this. Something. When they do updates, they need to post a message on the top bar that ___ changes were made. I have more. lol

    • I am with you on the notifs and this was also pointed out in one of the blogs written by Doc Andersen. I hope they just remove the upvote/downvote if it has no benefit to anyone. I wish there is a delete option for when we mistakenly put a comment in the wrong box (or an edit). And I wish they would allow edit for typos even after publication without having to go thru the Admin for that. I have question why Virils go up and down like roller coaster but since it is not my priority, I can live with it for the time being.

      • Please read my comment below I added about the notifications since they are very well needed in some cases…! I agree about the edit/delete button, and I would add a delete button for all the Read notifications all at once….. I also kind of agree about the edit and delete button for the already published posts but I’m not sure if it’s possible without an approval…. Maybe they could add that option and also put it as a request….. Now, that’s an idea I sould write about…..
        What do you mean by Virils going up and down – where, in which way…..?

        • On edit after publication: remember in Niume we can edit our stuff for typos even after publication. That is what I meant by it.

          On Virils going up and down: as i told you, earning Virils isn’t my priority. But one day, out of curiosity, i opened my dashboard just to see for the heck of it. I saw i earned close to $6 — few days later, for the same reason I checked again, and saw my earnings are below $5. ????

          On notifs being separate: then maybe at least they can separate notifs of our own actions coz, as Kim Johnson pointed out, we do know whom or what we upvoted/read/commented. Now if it is separate then I have the option to either ignore it or mark it read or delete it. In the current system, one has to sift thru to find the comments/upvotes (downvotes) received so we can return the favor (including downvotes??? ???? i’m kidding on that one — just teasing, don’t mind)

          • Yes, I know, I remember…. I don’t know if that is possible here, probably they know the reason….. I’ll write about it, we’ll see…..

            The dashboard currently isn’t working well… Wanting Virils is nothing bad! It is not a priority but it is important too and nothing wrong with that… It is normal to more care about something meaningfull, but I do care about Virils too like many of us did, and I don’t see anything bad in it…. Read the comments in my post “So many wonderful posts so low daily limit”, there was a discussion…..

            Yes, I’m preparing an article about all those things…! Hahhahahahah! A GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ How do you make those emoticons, btw…? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰
            Best to you…! πŸ˜‰

        • On earning Virils: nothing wrong wanting it — wanting or not wanting Virils completely rests on the person’s perspective. In my case, it makes no difference coz I pour more efforts in my WP blog without getting anything.

          On emoticons: I just pick it from the set of emoticons that is in my mobile. The emoji ? (laughing hard with tears in eyes) is my fave aside from ? and ? — I don’t laugh half-heartedly — I laugh with gusto — pixie nature. That’s why I find downvotes funny than offensive — but I am about 12-centuries old pixie so I take life lightly — maybe you are young and so the harshness of the world still pricks you ?

          • I think discussing Virils can lead to misunderstanding… I myself don’t know how to explain how I see things here, even more to express it….. I think people should see themselves my way of thinking from my actions not explanations, cause I really sometimes don’t know how to explain some things properly!…..

            I don’t have emoticons in my phone, how can I get them?… πŸ™ I know, this was felt that way because I had a problem with that person before, I don’t like her behaviour…:|

    • I must have came in the middle of the site changing like it is now
      cause I did get my not, in the left corner now I get it in the black box.
      they could keep the onsite of notes we get they should just put them
      on our profile page & not on the page we’re on at the time.

    • we all do, don’t worry…..! ;DDD I think some categories are missing, like photography, design, etc… I completely agree with you on the look of the main page, that was my thought too…!

      Notifications: about who upvoted/downvoted our posts are very useful in cases when someone only opens and upvotes your post without commenting it, because, without upvoting, you wouldn’t know who opened your post and couldn’t return a favor!!!

      Previous notifications we were getting when WE were upvoting and reacting were there because we were getting points for upvoting and reacting on someone’s post at that time! Now they canceled getting points for that…..

      I do agree about the new black pop up notifications but they cover the screen until you manualy close them, so you can’t click almost anything before that nor do you see some things because of them…..! They should fade away by themselves but they don’t…..!

      I COMPLETELY AGREE with you about the messages and notifications from the STUFF…..!

      There IS more, lol…..! ;DDD

    • I must add, about notifications, I think that all notifications we are getting are needed, because they mark points we got, except when someone upvotes our post, in that case there are no points but they are also useful to know who upvoted (and opened/read) it…..!

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