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Virily Needs Refreshing

I have been reading a lot from different members, old and new. This site needs something new. Something to keep the interest of the new members coming in, and the older ones considering leaving.

As always I have had a communication issue for well over one year with Virily. Can never get answers to issues, both small and big. Maybe you have, if so, then good for you.

But maybe we have to continue posting as if there are no moderators. There is a problem with that scenario. There are members who still have to wait for their posts to be accepted or rejected. 

Funny thing, there is someone working behind the scenes moderating the posts, but I cannot get answers to simple questions. Cannot explain that one.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a complaining post. And not meant to be negative. Just talking. More about you as a member, suggesting what can be done to change things up a bit. There are many challenges to give you ideas on what to post about. 

But something seems to be missing. Does anybody agree with me? If so, do you have any ideas, suggestions, recommendations that we, as members, can do differently? 

Of course this is all only my opinion of how I see things here. Eeyore in the photo agrees with me.

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    Do you feel Virily needs to be refreshed, something new?

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What do you think?

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Written by Carol DM


  1. I’m seriously frustrated with No communication as it also happens in my life with great inconvenience to a few parties. Worst is when the victim gets the blame at the end of it. Of course Virily’s problem wasn’t that “serious” till it causes big problems. But still, it have drove some people away.

    Seriously I think Virily either have problem with No communication or they looked too hard into things. Twice, they rejected my quiz because I left the last question with only one option and that is “Yes” as it was a thank you for playing and you’re not supposed to get it wrong. Not very encouraging to me.

    I’ve always tried to do things differently and explore with various options. But some of them (like gifs) aren’t working on the site now for many of us. So I guess I’ve to keep searching for new options. But, That’s if I’ve the time :p

    Anyway, thanks for the posts, I think we can expect more creative and “new” posts after this! 🙂

    • I did not start this out as a rant post, but it always seems to circle back around doesn’t it? It is the issue at hand after all. Things you mentioned, I feel the frustration from many. Just nobody seems to care enough here to resolve. I guess if members start leaving maybe that will get their attention, not sure at this point.

      You are very creative and always mix things up. I tend to post the same polls over and over. But the issues still loom over us. We can only hope for a change.

      • Unfortunately it turned out LIKE one… well, like you said, it always get to that point, whereby we need some communications going on. Its a great concern for the users.

        We need a variety of posts, which means, you post in your style (your great photos), I post in my style (which I don’t have LOL :p) while others post in theirs. I don’t see anything wrong with being consistent with your style 🙂

  2. There definitely has to be an easy way to contact support or admin and get issues resolved or questions answered. I had to contact them a few times about earnings but never got a reply back.

  3. Carol, thanks for bringing this issue up. The lack of response from the admins is quite frustrating. It’s discouraging most of us. It’s as if we are talking to ourselves. One would wonder if the admins and the founders were annihilated by the zombies.
    We do have the ability to post different posts or posts on different things. But, how we will know which posts are acceptable when they reject a post without any explanation to accompany the rejected post?
    It’s quite frustrating and discouraging.

    • You are very welcome. It never goes anywhere but I thought it was time perhaps. I do understand your frustration and I do not understand the silence from the site. We get posts moderated, eventually, most of the time, and we get paid. Other than that all we have is a platform and we are mostly on our own.

      As for the rejections, I am with you. If it is rejected, you should know why. Otherwise you will continue the same mistakes. Like being in a classroom with no teacher. I feel for all of us, and I wish I could wave a magic wand and things would be different. But that doesn’t work unfortunately.

  4. NO communication is what is wrong. Period. The admins or someone needs to make an appearance, but they never do. They did try a challenge and were going to do more, but never did. They tried one, but for challenges you have to do multiple ones until people hear about it. They never gave it a chance because the outcome or not many members posted for it. But, it was their first one. You got to get the ball rolling with those. Today I started an old new challenge. Song saturday. I know this doesnt help long term, and I made it before I read this. I think they are in real trouble now that Tsu is coming back. Just sayin’. Great post here btw.

    • Yes Kim, I have been shouting that for OVER A YEAR AT LEAST! I get nothing. And cannot blame anyone for leaving. It is crazy, unacceptable not to have any communication. No earnings updated, all the issues that have been here forever.

      I did not start out making this about our issues we have no resolution with, I have beat it to death, over and over many times with nothing. I was hoping for some new ideas, but it always comes full circle, right back to the problem. The elephant in the room, you cannot have a relationship without communication. Yes, completion is coming soon!

  5. Well, some new posting ideas is a great idea, Carol.

    I love the new type of post you shared I think that is a fun new way to share ideas.

    I know I am horribly guilty of the same posts over and over (Wander Project).

    You are right. Time for a change! Too many negative posts. Too many things are working wrong.

    Time for us to move to “get it done” stage.

    Perhaps we could focus the number of currently open challenges?

    I liked Ghostwriters excellent thank you challenge but it never really caught on.

    • The problem I found with any challenge like that Doc is I don’t want to leave anyone out. A great idea but I didn’t participate. There are challenges here, at least 1-2 for each day. I hope we can get it done, sounds good to me. I have been told from a few members they are leaving due to no communication, earnings not updated, waiting too long for posts to be moderated, etc. All of the issues that have always happened here with no resolution. Not sure what that is all about.

      The positive here, what is keeping a lot around, is we continue to get paid. That tells me someone is working in the background. Why can’t they come forward and address issues?
      I know you have no answers, I am just putting this out there and calling it as I see it.
      Not what I originally started writing about. But it did make me start thinking, maybe since we seem to be working on our own here, to do something different. Open to ideas.

          • I do understand the goals of the challenges. It is to move the community forward.

            My mistake was the 365 photo challenge. That ended up being a huge workload that I wasn’t prepared for over that year.

            So I stopped doing any of them.

            I do wonder, its time to see the faces of the Dude and Brendel – that will cheer us up!!!

    • If you do a search of the posts here, you will find a ton of complaints, suggestions, and even rants, ALL gone unanswered. This did not just start unfortunately.

  6. I have written a post and given my suggestions and yes as @indexer says a forum where one is not paid could be a good idea.

    @jaylar has serious issues. How can that be addressed is what bothers me.

    • Nothing can be addressed, not even a forum without communication from Virily. It is a broken record to continue talking about all of this. It has been done over and over with no resolution. I only made this post speaking the members, what can we do, since we have no support.

  7. I think we need a Forum, where issues can be addressed and responded to. This should be completely separate from the Virils reward scheme, so that participants will not be encouraged to post just for the sake of earning Virils.

      • Indeed so. Clearly a Forum could not be instituted without the agreement of Virily’s managers, and they would have to lay down the conditions under which it operated. I would like to think that they would only do so if they committed to reading the posts and responding to them.

        A question – do we know if the Managers are active participants on Virily? I would like to think that they are, and that they therefore read a reasonable number of the posts that appear here.

  8. I totally agree with you but at the moment I have no idea what we could do. I was already thinking about what else I could do to get new members to visit our posts.

  9. I try to post more short and interesting polls about different subjects like animals and plants and so on to get people to interact and I continue to think of new quiz ideas., I think that if we don’t just write about different topics but get some interaction that is a good idea too,

  10. The ball is firmly in the court of those that pull the strings, as it has been for a very long time now. It is clear that there are many deep frustrations that could be addressed quite easily if only there were a will.

    • Yes I know Norman. I started out addressing members only. Hoping we could all stay together and make the best of it. Some have told me they are thinking of leaving.

  11. You wrote beautifully, you just can’t do anything, dear Carol … because no one answers any questions … I think it’s all a waste of time … you won’t be able to do anything … when I get tired I’ll just break off like i’m already 1x

  12. I don’t disagree. However I am lacking ideas. I suppose my posts are getting old and boring as well. Maybe we just need to stop for awhile and see if anything happens. …….. Well then they would probably simply close another site and we all go through all of that again.

    I will volunteer to leave for a month if you think that would be helpful.

  13. I have not an idea what suggest to Virily. I was so disappointed that left if for many months, then came back again. It seems no one listens us or pays attention what we talk here. And honestly, I do not know how long I will be there. The most what annoys me is our dashboard that is updated only once a month. I miss time when it was updated daily.