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Virily – Loading Loading Loading Error!

You all probably have the same problem, Virily was down for one day due to maintenance as I was said by the admin but before and after that it is almost constantly hard to load. Pages are hard to load for days and I just hope it will be solved soon… I don’t and can’t know what are the reasons for that but maybe some of you could know…..? I guess admins are working on things, possibly improving the site or it is just another problem that needs to be solved. Until they tell us we can’t know.

What do you think why is that?


  • Do you experience the same?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you know why it’s happening?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you know how long it will last…?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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    • Seems it was because of the maintenance which seems still going on, there was a message on the screen a few days ago saying “Maintenance Mode” when the page didn’t want to load, so instead of loading to “Error” there was this message, so I guess it’s still in the process, or maybe it’s finished now since the site started working fine…! 🙂

    • You are quite right!!! I think they are in the process of maintenance so that is what causes this… Also, thankfully, the site is now a little faster, and there was a Maintenance Mode message on the screen yesterday instead of the site loading to “Error”, which is very convenient… 😉

  1. I think admin does continue to do something for this site, partly for improvement and maybe partly because of adaptation efforts (according to regulations or rules etc.), and all of that usually creates a certain impact, right?

    Well, that is just my opinion, but for sure we all experience a similar problem, and whether until when. Some problems seem to have improved but some have not yet.

      • I am glad that you have informed the admin message that they are doing maintenance some times ago because I think it is a form of communication that being wait for by most of us here. And that can be a general description of what the admin is doing and continuing to do about various things.

        • Yes…, I know….. 🙁 I agree they should communicate more, at least by those messages on the screen so users to know what’s happening.. It’s bad for the outside visitors too if they don’t know what’s happening, they’ll just go on….. I wasn’t getting answers for a long time too but now I finally and thankfully got it, probably because it was important… :/
          Yes, it’s clear they are still working on things and hopefully it will be solved in the best possible way…!

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