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Virily – Latest “Deductions” of Virils for Comments – the Admin’s Answer, and Current Problems

Hi all!

You might have noticed lately some “deductions of Virils for unapproved comments” have been happening… On Friday I received two notifications about 2 deductions of Virils for 2 comments and 1 on Saturday and also I heard from one user that it has been happening to him a lot lately too and I wanted to publish an article about it but thankfully I got the answer from the admin explaining me the situation…..

The admin explained…: “the problem is solved. Someone was reporting comments that are not for reporting, and the system sends them back. After review and seeing that everything is okay, the comments are back in place.”, and said “not to worry if this happens anytime again”…

Also, I asked about the Virils that were deducted since I didn’t receive new notifications about it, and he said: “Virils are back, but you won’t receive the notification. Do not worry, as the reported comments will always be reviewed to see if they are really spam and not false alarm. There are users that report appropriate comments for some reason, but these comments and the Virils will be back when they pass moderation. There is nothing to be worried about.”.

In the article I previously wanted to publish I was wondering how these things actually work and if all reported comments get deleted or they are previously reviewed and decided if they’ll be deleted… The admin explained all that, so, thank you very much Admin for the explanation, it is much easier now that we know what it was about and how things work…!!!!! 😉

Also, I noticed some of the Virily features are currently not working well, probably due to this maintenance that happened recently and that I wrote about in my previous article, Virily – Loading Loading Loading Error!

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    • Yes…, I must say I agree… They are constantly working on things but seems like something gets fixed something else breaks, or at least looks so, unfortunately!!!… :/ I don’t know why is that such a problem for them…
      How do you mean “less posts than actually”…..? How do you know how many of them are actually…..? Thankfully I never noticed such things… :/ It looks to me like every user has a different experience on the site which is totally illogical to me, heh… :/(
      That is nice after all, I like the creative side of it and interesting posts… Being nice IS good, since on one other site it’s more toxic (like myLot for example…..)..! :/|

    • OK… No worries, it’s just something I noticed, doesn’t have to mean it happened to you too… But if it does to know what it is about.. Welcome…! 🙂 Yes, it’s slow and sometimes very slow with an error message, but today instead of that there was a Maintenance Mode message so it’s great to know that..

  1. The problems I have had recently on this site is that the pages are a little bit slow and that when I place an up vote on the arrow, the green light does not credit me for giving you the up vote even though it does say I did vote for a blog from yourself and others on my profile.

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