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Virily Is awake. Thanks to the Team

For the last few days, there are lot of talks around here about the technical glitch and other problems of Virily. We were found members asking the admin team here not fixing the issue and  taking too much time to fix the issue. Sometimes even we found that posts were taking a long time to get approval. What I think if we can criticize for the late resolution of the issue then We must appreciate the good work they are doing it here. Do not you think like this?

Here I want to thank the virily editor for their proactive action to take the extra step to edit and replacing the low-resolution picture I have submitted for One of my recent posts. I like and appreciate the kind gesture from the team. I want you to know that You guys are doing a great job here. Keep up the good work and try to fix any existing issue effectively. I know maintaining the site and running it smoothly is not an easy task. You will get some glitch here and there. But I am sure the team here can take up the issue and will resolve it to make the site more reliable.

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Written by Giri


  1. I have for a long time presented both sides of the issue. There are costs and work associated with the moderation and admin teams.

    I do wish they would communicate better with the community.