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Virily is a community, we are going to survive this!!!!

I sent a link with yesterday’s post to the Admin team because I want them to know the impact the change has had on the author Community as a whole. I cannot express to you the community the sorrow I feel for this situation. We are a community, and as a community, it is sad when some of us are unable to do the things we love. I know that there are many reasons why many people want to leave the site, I truly do understand that anger, it was expressed well yesterday in the comments to my post. As I said I forwarded the link to the admin team, Hopefully before they get to that article they will have fixed the issue with the create button. I did want to address a couple of things that came up in the comments.

First – I strongly doubt this is in any way intentional. The application of this issue is far too random. Although Alib in their comment made an excellent point and I wanted to expand on their comment a little bit. I will, as my second competent talk about that. But the first thing is the reality of personal attacks. This horrible event that has befallen our site is not a personal attack on anyone. I promise that is not the case. Again, I would tell you that the problem is far too random and is all over the board as far as the users it has impacted. (link to yesterdays post)

Second – Alib pointed out that this might be an “If” state meet the issue. I suspect it is not. However, that did get me thinking about who is having issues with the site. I am noodling a theory, but I am not going to share it. First, I don’t have enough information, and second, it isn’t necessarily going to do anyone any good if I start throwing out theories.

This is not the first bad issue Virily has had. But I want to remind everyone of the following:

Virily continues to pay writers and has paid for more than three years now.

Virily continues not to communicate with the community, but that is also something that has happened for a long time.

I am going to ask a bunch of poll questions and will send it to the Virily Admin team. I am very sorry to everyone that has experienced this or any other problem on this site. Many of you are people I trust, respect and value.

  • Question /

    did you ever use a social media login for Virily (twitter, facebook etc)?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    Do you log into Virily every day?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    Have you tried the menu on the left side to see if there is a create button there?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    Are you really angry right now?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Let me put the magnifying glass on the matter; those of us who can not publish are, when we sign in, routed to WordPress… that is the banner. We, on WordPress, have no authority to post here.

    This is no glitch, no error, this is deliberate. Certain writers have been selected. My belief it is to cut revenue as we will NOT be paid and our Earnings will be blocked. So even though I may earn enough for a payout, I, and those in my category will NOT be paid.

    The point is money.

  2. Well, I had the problem, I did what I always do when I don’t understand why my computer or a site doesn’t work. I clear my cache and cookies, I clear all history in all the browsers I use and try a different browsers. Eventually I found a browser that worked. It might have nothing to do with all that.

    My suggestion? Contact support. Get posts ready so when you get in to create you are ready to go and get them all on the site. Do whatever you are able to do with limited access.

    Then if you know those who were affected and tried to take care of them, reward them with good thoughts, great comments and lots of interaction.

    I keep saying, because I believe it. If we are a tribe we will survive. Does anyone know that I mean by a tribe?

  3. Q: did you ever use a social media login for Virily (twitter, facebook etc)?
    Yes (4 votes) – 19%
    No (17 votes) – 81%
    Q: Do you log into Virily every day?
    Yes (22 votes) – 96%
    No (1 votes) – 4%
    Q: Have you tried the menu on the left side to see if there is a create button there?
    Yes (14 votes) – 74%
    No (5 votes) – 26%
    Q: Are you really angry right now?
    Yes (8 votes) – 40%
    No (12 votes) – 60%

    • i sent yesterday’s post and today’s post to the admin team. I am letting them know that the community is frustrated, angry and hurt.

      Please feel free to continue PMing, commenting and helping the admin team understand how critical this issue is!

  4. I am putting together a list of everyone who is posting and I can tell you it is, in my opinion, an elite list. It saddens me to think I am not a member of the elite and I am sorry there are others who also have been put on the low end of the totem pole. But then in my life, I was never a member of any elite I just thought perhaps with my writing my status would rise and guess I was wrong. This has made me very sick with my nerves as you must know most writers are temperamental and sensitive. I am also beginning to think this is a nice way for them to trim their budget. As for pulling together as a community, I am all for that but that is not going to bring any pennies in for me and while others will continue to get paid I can sit and watch the pennies go by that is not an answer also. I am true to my sites and my friends I left Bubblews only when I definitely knew it was the end and NIUME I stayed to the bitter end and was glad to find sites where I connected with many of the same people. I stayed with a site that had to go through at least 3 rebirths but finally had to give it up. Never been a quitter but hey, there is that one time when it could just get to be too much. Let’s hope it gets all resolved before anything else happens. Oh yes, I did write to admin first of all I could not do it through here but managed through my email and of course, no answer and on certain posts I cannot comment the cursor does not click into the comment box and then I click post comment and they say I have to write something and I go back and voila I can comment something is definitely very wrong here

      • Hey, I posted this so that you, and many others had a forum to complain. I send these links to the admins so that they understand how serious this is.

        I am pretty sure they are aware.

        But the goal here is to give all of you a forum as your publication forum has been temporarily disabled.

    • First, I also have looked to see who is posting it appears to be newer members and oldest members of the site that are still posting.

      Not elite. I do understand your position and your frustration but let’s be fair. This is not a vendetta. My gut is its an authentication issue. but that is my gut. I have no proof either way.

      I do know however that is newest users and oldest users that are still publishing.

    • Although one might wish to slap it away, I am seeing an Apartheid here. Some of us, like you, like me, have been locked out.

      Where the ‘elite’ as you named them, can publish every minute on the minute, those like us were always subject to the oppression.

      Now, as I have friends who have joined this site and were able to post without any problem, and DO NOT HAVE the WordPress banner at the top, there is no glitch. This is deliberate.

      What we must do is find American or European proxy servers which we can use to log on so that we make the site believe we are in America… and we don’t use names or images which would indicate we are not White.

        • A new “error” has occurred to me. I do not receive any viril, not for viewing, not for comment. I think this error means I’m blocked. You could tell me nicely that I was blocked and why they were blocking me (what I was doing wrong). I hope so much that it’s worth it because it wasn’t just Sunday night. Until the matter is settled (I highly doubt it) I will not work. Do not say that these are technical problems. I no longer believe in these “fairy tales”.

          • To think it is some technical glitch is a fairy tale. No one wants to believe a portion of us are targeted. There is no accident, glitch, tech. issue; there is a deliberate locking out to cut down on earnings, and I bet, soon enough you won’t even be able to comment.

          • technical issues are not a fairy tale. The reality is that software like Virily is very complex.

            The adage that applies is fixing an airplane in flight. Would you? take off in a plane 1/2 done and try to finish it in flight?

            The complexity of the code that is Virily makes this very hard for them to fix. It is unfortunate, but it is not a a fairy tale.

          • Since this applied across the user population you really aren’t helping with the conspiracy that it is focused on specific users.

            Every single one of the theories you have thrown out (and some of the culturally insensitive things you’ve said) isn’t helping.

  5. I also contacted the administrators and received the same response as Robin. I don’t know what to say to that answer. It seems like it’s been a long time. You say something is wrong with the code. Does each user have their own code? I don’t know why but I have a bad feeling and the feeling usually doesn’t deceive me.

  6. Hello Doc
    After a lengthy correspondence with the admin, he eventually revealed to me that they had a technical problem and that I needed to be patient.
    It’s been 4 days. not resolved.
    I can’t send anything.
    Hope better, what else?

  7. Oh my gosh. Something happened when I was gone – I’ll need to get some backstory before I can comment. Things here are trending to the positive in general – at least when I left for a minute. I’m back with pictures of the Olympic mountains and other stuff.
    Whatever it is there is a loyalty from core users here that will help whatever it is. I will go read some posts.

  8. I’m not really angry with the admins or the site. A little frustrated but I cool down and do what is possible. I read, comment and try my luck in publishing an article. When my article is rejected, I wonder why, get frustrated, say I will never access the site or post anything but find myself back.
    As you say, we should persevere with what we can because payment is a guarantee.
    But…the frustrations…it will stay with us for as long as we are active users…
    If only they were more helpful…

  9. The only 2 things that bother me is that I can’t get on the site very much. If I do get on the site I can’t post images often. If the site closes I hope people let us know if they have joined other sites so we can follow.

  10. And there it is Doc… Virily continues not to communicate with the community, but that is also something that has happened for a long time.

    We can all except most anything that is going on if they would only communicate! Easy peasy solution.

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