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This is my seventh month here at Virily and I have been paid for six months aready.  I am a veteran writer on Sites that pay and I sure know what treatment some Sites gave me. 

Literacy Base is alive and kicking but it has stopped paying. Tiny Cent ran away without a trace without paying many of its members.  Morachat regretted not being able to pay and vanished too. Bubblews dug its own grave buy being over generous, ignoring reports by users  and then vanished into thin air. Iwriter has users who use software that helps them write articles which reduces the chances of genuine writers.  I do not go there any more. Forum Coin takes payment before a user decides to apply for payment.  Earning  at myLot is at snail pace.  Wikinut is the only Site that allowed me to copy my posts before deleting my account. I have yet to start writing for HubPages but reports have it they take too long to start paying. 

There could be more Sites where I may have writtien but cannot recall at the moment.  Virily stands apart and  the ony thing I do not like about Virily is that they do not take the Community into confidence when they decide to make changes.

 No other alternative but to carry on as long it pays me I should not complain

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  1. I have been writing here at Virily for two and a half years now. I would not have stayed if I did not like the site. I don’t do it for the money, but it is always nice to have a little monetary encouragement 🙂

    • Most here do not need this money for their survival but if this incentive was not there I do not think anyone would write here. myLot had stopped paying for a while and the field was practically empty.


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