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Virily – I’m Very Frustrated, Things Started Being Very Slow and Weird Here

Lately I’m quite frustrated here…

First… Usually my articles get published right after I submit them (if I submit them in the evening they are always published the next day), but I recently had a conversation with two members who told me they sometimes wait their articles to get published for 2 or sometimes even more days… I was surprised and told them it never happens nor happened to me, except on weekends, which is a normal thing here… But right after that it started happening with my articles too… I submitted an article on last Friday or Saturday I think, and since it wasn’t published during the weekend I resubmitted it on Sunday in expectation for it to be published on Monday but on Monday nothing happened… One of my posts was finally published on Tuesday I think but it took a few days for it.. During that time I was only seeing Verified users’ posts published (I think they can post automatically) and just a few of the other, regular users’ posts that need approving…

Generally, there was and is less posts published, some other members told me they are waiting for several days their posts for being approved too and I see Alibb now published an article about it too today (Thursday of the new week) although seems like there is much more posts generally today…!

I don’t know why is this happening but I saw in the Alibb’s post some of the members doubting the same thing as me… – maybe admins are on a (April the 1st) vacation…? ;D :/

Second… I submitted 2 articles that were Virily themed, one of them was about this situation and the other one about commenting on Virily… I was told long time ago by an admin we can write anything we want here, and (maybe you remember that…!) even published an article about it all along with the admin’s answer about it but both of these articles were rejected now… It already happened once before this when I wanted to publish an article about deducted comments when I’ve got the answer from the admin later the deductions were false (a mistake) so the article was rejected due to the false information so we agreed me to change the article a little bit in order to give the right information and it was published…

But this time no answers… It took me like 5 days to write one of those articles and I just don’t want to spend hours and days in writing my articles for them eventually not to be approved or not knowing if they will be approved…! I’m writing this article now and trembling if it will be approved or I’m just wasting my time again…! It would be much easier if the admin answered me (and everyone else) our questions and doubts… And what is allowed and what not… What is a false information and what not… If there are false information to remove them and similar…

Also, the third thing is that the Dashboard was updated only for February in March, “Month to Date” (March) wasn’t updated then nor it is now… Now we can also only see the “Unpaid” section in the “Total”… That made me worry a little bit all together with this slowing down in approving articles if there are some problems on the site… Pages are also loading into Error a little more often again, lately it has happened several times a day to me so all of that makes me wonder if everything is maybe due to the maintenance…

Conclusion…: How will the site earn if not approving posts regularly and increasing the traffic and revenue that way…..??? :/ Alibb also mentioned in his article it makes him losing interest in Virily and I have to say that too!

Note: The photo is my own and not allowed for use.

  • Question /

    Do you have/have you had some articles in Pending for days?

    • Yes
    • No
    • No, I’m a Verified user
  • Question /

    Have you noticed articles by non-verified users not being that present in the Latest lately?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I didn’t pay much attention to it / I don’t look at the Latest
  • Question /

    Do you find it worrying the Dashboard wasn’t updated for Month to Date in March..?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    Do you have any assumptions why this could be happening…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    Do you think admins could be on a vacation…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
  • Question /

    Could it still be the maintenance…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
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    Maybe it is a new way of improving the traffic…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe


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Written by tasartcraft

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          • When you have written something topical or something you want to share and you post it on thurs. On Fri. it isn’t published, but there are other people being published. So you feel, esp. if you are in a 3rd World Country… what this is…

        • It was not happening only with your posts but with all the non-verified members’ posts lately…..! All the non-verified users posts were on a delay… Who knows when those posts we were seeing were submitted for the approval, it could be much before you submitted yours…! Some people waited even for 10 days…!
          There was probably a reason for that, as you can see probably the maintenance is still going on… Also, the admins are from the “3rd World Country” too….. You always have some conspiracy theories….. :|p

  1. I think issues can happen with any site. I try to understand the site too as there are things that are out of their control. I am not very active I am happy that at least some of my posts would be approved. I mean some and not all. I understand the site as they have the right to publish contents that would be beneficial to them. When one of my contents was not published, it means I need to improve it or it does not comply with their standard. So I accept it.

    I am used to submitting contents to a site which is implementing a strict review before contents are published. So I have the same mindset here or should I say, I thought it was normal. With regards to being slow, yes I also noticed that during my first days here. But what I like about the site are interesting posts of other members which are giving me additional knowledge.

    I hope you find an answer to your queries.

    • Thanks… The problem is there were never such problems with publishing before no matter what I wrote… This is something that started happening just recently…! For example one member submitted his article and it was rejected, he didn’t change it he only resubmitted it again and it was accepted… There are things here you are still not aware of because you are new here and that is understandable, but there are constantly some problems with the site for a very long time, and a huge problem with very low communication from and with the admins…, even about some crucial and very important general site’s and individual members’ problems, and now this…! It is too much and over the top now, but I seem to kinda understood what was the problem, at least with one of my previously rejected posts… This one is one of them and after I changed something it was approved so now I can guess what was the problem…
      I understand what are you saying but you can’t compare the very professional site you were writing on and this one – very unprofessional one – at least when it comes to some behaviors…..
      Thanks anyway!

    • Thanks for letting us know, that is good to know. 6 days??? It’s really very long and I can imagine how it felt… I don’t know why is (/was) this happening but could be there is some explanation we don’t know about, like maybe they are working on things so can’t publish many articles but we can’t know anything for sure… I heard it’s been happening before to some members but lately it seems it’s like that for all the non-verified members… :/
      Sorry, what did you mean, what comments…?

    • Well I have the right to discuss it with other members and hear their opinions and exchange experiences with them… Many don’t get any reply from the admin while I did get some, and from his answers and acts I can make conclusions about some things…

        • First, I don’t see it as speculation… Like I said, it’s not hard to make some conclusions from the same, repeated acts and given answers, especially if some other members have the same or similar experiences… And some members do have different experiences and additional information here..
          When you change the article which was rejected and it gets approved you can conclude why it was rejected… I also DID get an answer from the admin at first which implied some of the things… Also, there IS something that constantly repeats whenever I ask them something, so from that you also get some conclusions – not all and not completely clear but some…
          Second, yes some things do affect change, I did noticed that from different acts from both sides…

          • I don’t care if you consider it speculation or not- if you don’t know the reason, then you’re speculating. and you don’t know the reasons why anything is happening here. you don’t even know what is happening, you only know what you’re observing…

        • PS At least I do get the opportunity to share my frustration with other users who feel it the same….. I didn’t ask for answers (at least not from the people who don’t have them) but I did ask for different or same experiences…..

        • And if you don’t know how to read between the lines that is your problem. If someone says “the article was rejected members not to think the deductions are real” and the same thing repeats by the same pattern then you know you again have written something which should not be written, which is not true and is false in order not to disturb other members for no reason…!

          I also didn’t notice I made ANY conclusions therefore neither speculations here, I only made some questions!!!!! (in case you again don’t know how to read which is already kinda obvious now, or you are making your own speculations now…….)

          • …and NOT to mention that this is like the fifth time you make your own ASSUMPTIONS about my texts which you obviously don’t understand even when they are written and thoughts described on the whole page

        • I never said I know the cause, nor the cause is something I’m interested in. And I CAN assume some of the possible causes from some of these things too, and I never said I know or can know them for sure, nor it is important… The behavior pattern is what is important and pretty ENOUGH TO KNOW here

        • PPPS I will just tell you that if I knew the name of the women I saw on a painting the first time and some other things I sometimes can know some other things too. Some people do have a deeper understanding of things… I’m not claiming I KNOW all the things and causes here but I say I Can know some of the things… It’s also called intuition (which is also based on some real facts)…..

        • Well, you should have answered them earlier then…, there was space for that…, when you replied to the previous comments…
          And there are only a couple of new ones…
          Anyway, not that hard to sum everything up, or answer them all one by one in the same comment, that is how I do with other people’s replies…
          But no need to answer since we already had the very similar discussions before… My words have already been interpreted the same wrong way…..

        • Um…, what makes you think I even think or thought about it – whether you changed or not…..???! This kinds of answers from you started really upsetting me, I don’t remember I was EVER like that towards you, on the contrary!!!!!!! This really pi**es me off now, all this arrogance from you and I will certainly not going to change Myself into that in order to give you the answer you deserve on that…
          The way you understood and understand the way I express some things speaks only about you….. I never made speculations nor had nor expected to have the final conclusions about anything, there are only questions and thoughts….. I guess I’m allowed to think and exchange opinions…!

          • when you make multiple replies, I only respond to one. I’ve always done that, no clue why it suddenly got your panties in a knot but I am sticking with my policy

        • I really don’t nor didn’t know anything about such policy of yours but what I think and how I do is to reply everything that has been said, that is what I find the most appropriate, polite, respectful…..! It doesn’t matter HOW it has been said, written (1 or more replies) but what… It could all have been written in just 1 answer too, I don’t choose the form over the substance!…

          Also, my answer was not only about this because I also thought you meant some other things when you mentioned “change”…

          • I really don’t understand nor have noticed “the way you answer comments”, you were always replying all of my comments (at least I thought that…!)(multiple replies like these 3 now – BECAUSE THEY ARE PART OF THE SAME ANSWER – everything else is and would be idiotic)

          • the books I read are beautifully constructed works of art. your replies are those of a special needs child, all over the place and I don’t have the time to decypher what you’re upset about this time

        • Really…..? Or maybe your capacities are not that high….. Or your ego is just that high…..
          We’ll see your “needs” in your posts when I stop indulging you with all the efforts I was indulging you my “friend”…….

          • And I will Gladly spend the huge amount of time I was spending in analyzing ALL your works in order to give you the best possible answer on ALL your necessary AND UNNECESSARY QUESTIONS on other people who I neglected pretty much in order to answer everything you were interested to, even though sometimes it wasn’t of my interest almost at all!!!
            Thank you my “friend” for being so attentive like I was towards you…!
            And for your information…, I’m quite eloquent…!!!

  2. Interesting post, I find it slow going to get from page to page, and often get the time out message. However, I am a verified user and have not had a problem publishing my posts.
    The Dashboard hasn’t told me anything for quite a while.
    I can get an idea of my progress on how many virils I have earned.

    • Thanks!… Yes, I know, it’s been happening more often to me lately too..
      That is great and good for you, you at least don’t have such problems like the non-verified have… :|\
      Yes, I know, it’s the same on mine and everyone else’s I guess… :/
      Yes, same here….. 😐

  3. I am verified, so I get posted after submission without waiting. I have not been in Virily for some month and started writing again just a couple days ago, so I am not in still what is going here with posts. I hoped things improved, but I see my dashboard is not updated. I do not know why it is not working for them. When Virily started, everything worked well, we were updated daily. With all those improvements the site is getting worse and worse. I will see how it’s going and if I stay here.

    • Yes, I know… I’ve been away for 4 months too but when I came back people told me it’s much better now how the site works but I don’t notice much difference… Like you said it only seems worse and worse, at least for some of the things… I know they were doing the maintenance recently, there was even the message on the screen about it but the page has been loading into Error again lately so I guess it’s still the maintenance.. :/ Yes, everything worked well at the beginning and I really don’t know what are they doing to make it worse or it’s just the new way of functioning of the site.. :/ Yes, the dashboard is updating only at the end of the month now but the thing is that now even the Month to Date wasn’t updated while it was before…

  4. Well, it definitely quite discouraging …
    but I do see posts getting posted these few days …
    maybe its maintenance … who knows …

    I’ve no idea when and how the dashboard updates …
    so I’m not looking at it often … except maybe towards month end.

    Also I thought it’ll be good if they inform about rejection instead of just deleting the post …
    whether they wanna give a reason, its another thing. I think they do know that some users are in grey zone … but some users are expected to follow the rules closely.

    • Yes it is… I’ve actually already submitted this post once and it was rejected (it’s one of those 2 articles that were rejected)… I wrote to the admin numerous times about both of these asking what’s wrong now…, but no answer…..! I even wanted to stop posting but after a few days I decided to try to change the article(s) a little bit and see what happens… That was the only way to find out what’s wrong in this situation…..! So I removed some things and added another and thankfully it’s approved although I’m still not sure what was Actually wrong with them…..! I think it’s maybe if the post contains some wrong or false information but not sure… :/|
      Yes, there seem to be more posts published (approved) these couple of days…
      And it could be the maintenance, yes…, who knows….. :/

      Ok. It’s always updated at the end of the month when the payments are also made… But this time Month to Date wasn’t updated…

      Yes, it would be the best to tell what is wrong with the article and why it’s rejected.., this way it can take days for it to be accepted….. I’m really not sure about that but sometimes it kinda looks like that… I don’t really know… :/

      • Yes…! Exactly…..!!! And not just that…, but besides all the other frustrations here now this…! I really lost my interest in using Virily at that moment…! I even wrote about that in a private message to the admin but no replies… I am glad he approved this article at least…!!! :/)
        I hope that too but I guess they also already know everything from my messages to them… :/

      • @tasartcraft: I think it’s quite obvious with the lesser interactions on here (or maybe its just on my posts) …

        @Carol: I really hope someone is listening … if they really do, I’d like for a maintenance notice, so we know to avoid posting/commenting for that period.

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