Virily – How the Payments are Calculated and Made – the Simpler Version + Some Additional Explanations and Info…!

In my previous post, Virily – How the Payments Are Calculated and Made and How to Interpret the Dashboard – the Confusions Resolved…!!!, I tried to explain how the payments are calculated and made step by step… I am glad some of you understood it but seems not all of you if looking at the votes in the poll… So I decided to make another post about it and try to explain it a little simpler…

OK, so…

In April before the update that happened at the end of the month we had this situation…:

Balance = February + January + … (all the months that were summing up for the payment – March was still missing, wasn’t updated yet, but it was shown as the Last Month..)

Month to Date = April

Last Month (logically) = March

Total = Unpaid + This Month (Unpaid = Balance = all the unpaid months from the Balance (February + January + …) + This Month = April).

At the end of April, when the update happened, March (=Last Month) was added to the Balance too (= March + February + January + …); at the same time it is added to (summed up with) the Unpaid in the Total (Unpaid + Last Month (March)) while you could still see what you earned in This Month (April) in the Total

If your Unpaid was more than $10/$100 then you received the payment at the end of the month, therefore your Unpaid went into Zero because everything you earned so far was paid to you, no left payments to make…

That is what happened with the Unpaid, but what happened with the This Month from the Total (Total = Unpaid + This Month)…:

At the same time, at the end of April (after the payments were made) and the beginning of May (the new month) – on the 1st of May, This Month = April (logically) goes FROM the Total (because it is not April anymore) to (=becomes!) Last (previous) Month = April therefore the Total gets temporary “smaller (reduced) for That amount which now switched its place and went (from the Total) into the Last Month,

so now the May the situation is…!:

Balance = March + February + January + … (April not added yet)

Month to Date = May

Last Month = April (came from the April’s This Month in the Total at the beginning of the new month, May),

therefore what is left in the “new” Total now = Unpaid (= Balance which is now updated with March = March + February + January + …) + This Month which is currently Zero because the previous This Month (April) went (was moved) to the Last Month in May, so now the “new” This Month (May) has to be Zero because it is not yet updated with this month’s earnings which will probably happen at the end of the month..

If you don’t believe me go to your Dashboard now and sum up all the unpaid months from the Balance and it should be = the current Unpaid in the Total

At the end of the month when April shows in the Balance (it is already in the Last Month now) it (April = Last Month) will be added to the Unpaid showing ALL your Unpaid earnings for the ALL PREVIOUS MONTHS in one place and if that Unpaid is more than $10/$100 you will be paid at the end of this month

Therefore, you can’t get what you have in This Month in this month (because the payments are always the Next Month), so you have to wait for it to become the Last Month because the payments are always in This Month for the Previous months…

So Everything is there… Unpaid = Balance and it is only waited the Last Month to be added to it in order to see if you earned enough for the payment, while what you have in This Month you will be able to get only in the Next Month (because payments are always in the next month…)…

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  • I hope it is a little more clear now…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • If not feel free to ask what is not clear…

    • OK
  • I will not repeat all the questions from the previous poll but I want to add some additional info this way below…

    • OK
  • There is one thing that I forgot to mention and explain in this and the previous poll too…:

    • OK
  • It is that actually after the update at the end of the month the Total was = Unpaid (= Balance + THIS MONTH) + This Month…

    • Yes
    • No
  • …where the Balance was = March (=Last Month) + February + January + …

    • Yes
    • No
  • …so actually the Payment = Balance….. (in April you can get only what you earned Before April)

    • Yes
    • No
  • …while the Unpaid was actually showing the complete sum of all the earnings you made so far, including This Month too, but what you could only be paid was = (That Sum (Unpaid) – THIS MONTH)…

    • Yes
    • No
  • …because This Month is never paid in THIS MONTH but always in the next month after it becomes the Last Month…

    • Yes
    • No
  • …while the This Month section in the Total also becomes Zero due to its moving into the Last Month…

    • Yes
    • No
  • …until it is updated at the end of the month with the sum for that month…

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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    • Great! 🙂 Thanks much, yes, there are some but I guess there will be more, at least what’s not working well to be fixed…..! :/ :)))
      Thanks much for commenting!!!!! 🙂
      PS Have you considered coming back and posting…..? :/) Is your Dashboard fixed now…? 🙂 (Take a look at my other recent posts about the Dashboard and the changes if you manage, there are some details about those things too…..! :))

      • My pleasure….and no, not ready yet to consider coming back and posting. My dashboard is still not fixed. The negative amount is going down….but it is still in the negative!

        I will have to check out your recent posts then

        • Thanks again…!!! 🙂 I saw you posted so I’m glad and a lovely post and artwork…!!! I also saw you wrote to the admins… I’m sorry you still have that problem… Maggie had the similar problem and they answered her they are looking into it… You can write to or Virily Editor, Virily or Natalie in a PM I think…

          OK, great, very nice of you and thanks…! 😀

          • Well apparently it didn’t get sent…not sure if it did this time either. Not sure what is going on. Sorry she had similar issues….but glad they are looking into it for her. I didn’t know where to find where to PM Natalie though

        • It was probably sent but they didn’t answer.. I know they are reading all messages and it doesn’t mean they are not working on it.. Better send a PM to Virily Editor.., Natalie also has her profile here… You can also send a PM to Virily user profile. I thought you already sent a PM to Virily Editor…?

          • Oh she’s not? That’s discouraging.

            I did get a response from e-mailing support. They said and I quote, ” Don’t worry about the dashboard – I hope it will be fixed…” and then that everything is always calculated and you are always paid for your work.

            So that is not exactly the answer I was looking for….and if that is the case I earned my $10 a few months ago and I was NOT paid. Guess that is my sign to say goodbye.

        • Yes, but that doesn’t mean she will not answer you… Maybe she is not answering just to me, LaJenna said she always helps her…!

          Oh, great you get the response, and yes, that is how they do – as far as I know they are paying everyone on time everything they earned, that is why they said that…!

          How can you get discouraged that fast and not even say them what you now said to me…! If they answered then you should tell them that if that’s the case…!!! You have to say them what is the problem!

          • That’s good that they always help her….

            Yes, I did…but it didn’t sound like they wanted to help, they just “hoped” it would get fixed…not that they would look into it or anything.

            I responded now telling them that I earned the $10 back in January. So we’ll see.

        • Because they didn’t know nor understand that you weren’t paid…! You have to tell them the problem if you want the problem to be solved… From my experience it seems they don’t quite understand some things and have that light approach so you literally have to draw them some things…..!!! 😐

          OK, but you have to tell them everything… Whatever the earnings they are owing you…! Or whatever else the problem is…!

          • Well that is fine, to have to tell them if there is a problem…but when they just say they “hope” it gets fixed….that just leaves me confused.

            I told them that I had earned the $10 back in January…and they said they would “recheck” it. I told them that after the last update for April’s earnings…I have $12 something. Waiting now to see if I get anymore response or not.

        • OK, that is great to hear!!! Do you know how much you actually earned or you think you earned only $12 during all this time since the previous payment…? You can now wait to see what will they answer and if they don’t ask again, or depending on what they say to explain the problem further if not satisfied… You have to tell them all, that is how I do when someone doesn’t understand…

          Unfortunately it seems they understand things too literally….. 😐 When you say the dashboard they don’t understand you are actually asking about your earnings and payment you didn’t receive, they don’t know that if you don’t tell them since they are paying all the time to everyone regularly even when the dashboard is wrong, so they probably don;t know anything about your problem…!!! They probably thought you were paid since you didn’t mention that problem… You have to tell them (and not just them but generally) what the problem you have… Unfortunately some people are too literal to understand or simply too busy to think broader and wider…! :/|

          • Well I added up the amount it shows for each month since the last time I was paid (last November) and it is $12.25. Most months were less than $1 because I didn’t do anything here.

            Maybe I should have sent them a screen shot of my dashboard to show them…..since they don’t seem to understand very well! That does seem very professional….they need a better way of knowing that everyone gets paid….I haven’t gotten a response back yet, but I know it is the weekend. If no response by Tuesday, maybe I will send another message saying “P.S. this is a screenshot of my dashboard so you can see the problem”.

        • PS They are generally too unprofessional (and superficial) in my opinion… If I tell you that I had to literally say some pretty obvious spelling and typing things when I needed the title in one of my articles to be edited then what to say further…..!!! 😐

        • Ok, so if you are sure you earned that much I guess you should have already been paid already long ago I guess….. :/ Yes, I know… But how come now it is not a negative sum, I thought you can’t even see your earnings right now…..?!? :/ Do you know how much you earned in each month so we could calculate when you should have been paid…..?!

          Maybe… If they don’t understand then maybe that would help them understand (at least I hope so…!….. :||| ) It’s not just that, I think they believe everything is ok and that there are no problems but don’t understand at all how we feel when not getting responses from them… And even when we do they don’t seem to understand there is a problem on their side actually……… :/ 😐 At least that is from my experience about some of the things… I’m not saying they are always bad…
          Yes, i think you should do the best you can if they don’t answer…

          • Total Unpaid Earnings
            $ -10.01
            Unpaid + This month

            That is what it shows on my dashboard.

            September 2018 balance 4768 $4.99
            October 2018 balance 2426 $2.50
            November 2018 balance 570 $0.99
            December 2018 balance 580 $0.71
            January 2019 balance 589 $0.87
            February 2019 balance 348 $0.58
            March 2019 balance 691 $1.22
            April 2019 balance 228 $0.39
            Balance -14252 $-10.01

            Just so you can see what I am working with.

            Each month there is an amount, and it adds up to $12.25 like I said. But shows negative $10.01.

            It’s just my last idea to show them a screen shot of my dashboard, after that I am at a loss.

          • I sent an e-mail with this info to the admin yesterday and she too said they will recheck… I was already talking with her about some other things so just used the situation to pay her attention to this too, hope you don’t mind…

            But you certainly send the e-mail answer with these info too…

          • Yes, I should have been paid back in February! I will make a screen shot, and send to them….they haven’t replied to my last message….but will send the screenshot and see what happens.

            And thank you for sending an e-mail to them too….I appreciate that!! Hopefully it will get sorted since they heard about it from me, and you!!

        • PS I sent an e-mail with this info to the admin yesterday and she too said they will recheck… I was already talking with her about some other things so just used the situation to pay her attention to this too, hope you don’t mind…

          But you certainly send the e-mail answer with these info too…

        • Ok, I think you should send it and and told the admin I think you will send it too!

          I don’t know why they still haven’t answered nor solved the problem and why it takes them so long since I think it took shorter for some other members!!!… :/

          • I did send, and I even sent the last date I got paid on PayPal.

            Well….today they e-mailed and said it’s been fixed and I’ll get paid at the end of the month! I looked at my dashboard, no more negatives!

            Thank you for all your help and support! I appreciate that so much!

        • Well, it must be fixed, hehehe…! 😉 I am glad too…! 🙂

          Nothing is impossible, especially when it comes to Virily and our rights here… 😉 I know the admins care about everything, it’s just sometimes they are unprofessional so you have to “fight” with them to sort things out… I know they always helped LaJenna whenever she had such a problem so I guess you just needed to say what was the problem – not being paid…

          • Yes, it is for sure! Thank you 🙂

            Good to know! I’ll have to remember that for the future….and if it happens again, just send them an e-mail with the screenshots! I’m sure me, and you as well, sending them all the other messages though helped too!

        • Not a problem…, welcome…! 😉

          Yes, that is the best, it’s only a problem when they are not answering although I think that shouldn’t be happening when such things…
          Well, I don’t know, could be… I told them about your problem before too but seems they didn’t actually understand you weren’t paid just till now when we sent them that…

  1. This makes it all clearer but for some reason there is nothing put on my dashboard at the moment, I do see how many virile I have earned. so I suppose, it depends on how much revenue I have earned for Virily in their records.
    I expect soon to see something on my dashboard.

    • Thanks, glad you find it clearer and that you can understand it (better now) (to some people it’s still confusing even with this explanation too….. :/)…! 🙂 Yes, because it is not updated yet and will probably be at the end of the month like always (I mentioned that in this explanation too)… What you see now is what you earned in the previous month – in Virils and Dollars…
      At the end of the month everything will be updated in Virils and Dollars, so the Dollars amount will depend on the number of Virils you collected and their Current Value which we can’t know until then… It is probably changing every day and the Dollars amount is therefore calculated differently for each day… We already talked about the Viril value which does depend on the revenue…

    • Hehehe, welcome, I can imagine how these sound to you… 😀 I actually made it only because there are often many confusions about this since the dashboard is not updating regularly and in all the sections, but don’t worry, payments are always correct and there on time…! ;D
      Thanks much for visiting and commenting….!!! 😀

    • Heheheh, I understand it looks very complicated but actually it isn’t and is very logical if you know maths… 😉 It’s just maybe a little complicated to explain it with words…
      Welcome and thanks for the appreciateon…!!! 😉

        • Hehhee, I can understand that since many people don’t… I was quite good in maths in school and I think it is related to logic therefore very good and useful (in those terms and even creative ones too), and can be interesting in such terms too, hehehe…
          I like numerology too, as well as astrology… I actually think maths and other sciences are quite related to art and creation therefore interesting (only) in those terms to me… Do you know numerology well…? Could you tell me something if I told you my numbers…..? ;/)
          Of course, that is something I don’t like too – that is actually economics, hehehehehe….. ;/) Although, yes, it is related to maths too so can be interesting in those terms as well, hehehe… 🙂

          • Since elementary school, I have always preferred art and language lessons. In high school, I had more like fun, influenced the gang, and so on, so of course, mathematics is far enough away from me.

            I only studied numerology to the extent of the meaning of numbers and each of its energy for I was lazy to make a complete number map, which again mostly because I was lazy to write and analyze many numbers.

            What have you learned from numerology? Who knows you have mastered it more than I have learned.

        • Yes, of course, that was always more interesting to me too but I’m talking about what was I also very good at too no matter what I liked more, hehe… 😉

          That is quite enough for me… I know some things about astrology but Sabtraversa actually opened new doors for me with her own interpretations and knowledge about the same things I thought I already knew something even though at first it looked she knew less than me, hehehe… ;/)) So I would like to hear your interpretations of those numbers too…

          I also know only about some of the meanings of numbers and generally and intuitively are interpreting them in a way… I would also like to know what numbers go well with what numbers when it comes to human relationships…

        • Yes, we talked about that in PM’s… :)) But I think she doesn’t know much about that, we just mentioned it…

          I know… Ok, I will tell you that later, but I would also like to know about my personal numbers if possible, hehehehehe… 😉 🙂

          • I will only say numbers that match 4 (because I don’t know what number 4, 9, 4 are consists of). The match value is *, where more stars mean more matches while 0 is bad/conflicting. This applies to romance, marriage, and business partnerships.
            *** 4 – 4, 4 – 6
            ** 4 – 2, 4 – 7, 4 – 8, 4 – 9
            * 4 – 3, 4 – 5,
            0 4 -1

        • Hmm, this is interesting…, thanks!!! 🙂 So 4-4 and 4-6 are better than 4-2…? That is weird to me because I know 4-2 gives 6 when summed up which is the number of love…
          So what do you think about these numbers and their meaning, can you explain it a little better…..? (meaning of 4, of 4 9 4, 4-4, 4-6, 4-2, etc…)

          • 4 -1 This relationship is not recommended because both have conflicting personalities.
            4 – 2 Relationships that are harmonious and balanced, which can reveal the best of each.
            4 – 3 There is a personality conflict between the two. It takes a lot of leeway and compromise if the relationship wants to last. It will depend on how much they depend on each other and think about each other.
            4 – 4 Will be a successful union because both of them remain the same in working hard, systematically, love the household and are very careful in handling money.
            4 – 5 You are practical and systematic while 5 are imaginative and love of freedom but can adjust. It is enough to complement each other even though it requires some adjustments.
            4 – 6 Both are energetic, hard working, warm, loyal, trustworthy, careful with money, love home, and like to stay at home. Likes to forgive and admit mistakes.
            4 – 7 A good combination because of the balance in the nature of both. Both are happy, kind-hearted, don’t like arguing to each other and are pleasant in their behavior.
            4 – 8 Both have a similar perspective in life; practical, smart work hard, have the calm and enthusiasm to build material and financial.
            4 – 9 In personal terms this relationship is slow but can develop well. Both are patient, understand each other, have mercy and idalis. On the other hand they are harmonious. Both of them can teach each other and exchange their distinctiveness.

          • That is just a summary of the level of compatibility of the numbers. There are a number of other reasons behind the summary, but if you think that the combination is more suitable for you, it also doesn’t become a problem. The key to the suitability of a relationship is a continuous effort to understand each other, right?

    • Have you read the previous variant too…? Maybe it would be more clear…
      I know it’s confusing if you already generally don’t have some insights into how the dashboard generally works so this would only be a clarification of those things that are already not clear or you don’t quite understand and think they work differently… The dashboard itself is confusing the similar way so I tried my best to make it the clearest possible…

    • Thank you dear Vidocka very much…!!! 🙂 Yes, the both of them took around three days each to prepare… I really tried my best, I know it’s hard to read and understand all of that but I hope at least it is (a little) more clear now…! 😐 🙂 Like Norman said…, it is not that hard to understand, the system is not that complicated, but to explain it with words…… ;/))

  2. I don’t look forward getting the earnings I make this month paid at the end of this month, they’re zero anyway. 😅
    Jokes aside, what creates the confusion is that those Total Unpaid Earnings have the previous months, this month (that doesn’t affect the payment at the end of the same month) but the last month (that affects the payment) isn’t added. 🙈
    I don’t know how long it’s been like that though.

    • Hahahahaha, you really made me laugh with this one dear Sab!!!….. 😀 ;D I hope our earnings will be more than zero this month, hehehe hehe…! ;D
      Yes, it’s always added only at the end of the month… Maybe if it updated more of often would be more clear… I’m not quite sure but I think it’s been always like that…
      Norman well said in my previous post it’s not that confusing how confusing it’s to explain it with words. To me it became clear when I understood there is “This Month” too which is not included and how that works…
      It’s a pitty some still click “no” in the questions….. :/|

        • Hahahah…! 😀 I really tried my best…..!!! :))
          I’m actually not sure if they still just don’t understand or it’s they don’t believe it’s like that, because some people constantly come with their conspiracy theories no matter how much you are trying to explain and help them… Yes, there are some like that (maybe you can even guess, hehehehehe… ;))….. :/|

    • Yes, unfortunately the dashboard is very confusing itself (for some people) the same way it is here described… I think there is no easier way to explain it, at least I gave my best here… You can try the other, first, original explanation I posted before this one on the link I provided, maybe that explanation would be easier to understand for you… You are welcome… 🙂

    • Thanks much for the appreciation, it means a lot…! :))) I really did have to make a big effort but it was very much interesting too… 😀 I hope it’s more clear now and helpful, as clear as it could be with words, hehehe… 🙂

    • PS Seems I missed TWO of your latest posts (I forgot about the second one) but I will certainly get to them a little later, I’m just visiting everything I have missed these days but backwards from the Latest list where i left off…..! There is so many new posts lately and sometimes it’s too much to handle so have to make some order in it, hehehe, but don’t worry I will certainly get to them…!!! 😀 😉
      Thanks much for commenting again…!!! 😉

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