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Virily – How the Payments Are Calculated and Made and How to Interpret the Dashboard – the Confusions Resolved…!!!

I see many are confused how the payments are calculated and made, often thinking they are not being paid on time or their earnings to be missing, I just wanted to explain it here in one place for all..

Since the Dashboard started working a little better and updating more regularly since the first update at the end of April, which I wrote about in my previous article, Have You Seen the “New” Dashboard (That Updates Daily)…??! 😀 + the Payments Are Made, it is currently updated in several sections where some of them were updating every day since then..

What you currently see on your Dashboard is that the Yesterday section is “pending”, the Last 7 days was updating every day (decreasing to 0), Month to Date and This Month (in the Total) are Zero and waiting to be updated, and the Last Month earnings which are calculated for the previous month (in this situation it’s April).. Also, the Balance was updated with the earnings for March at the end of April when the payments were made..

What is different on our Dashboards is that some of us have a Zero in the Unpaid section and some of us have some amount there.. I believe it’s because of the Payments that were made at the end of the previous month…: since I was paid at the end of April I have a Zero, while some other members who weren’t paid have some amount there which is calculated for all the Unpaid months Before April (= March + February + … from the Balance).

April is still not showing in the Balance but it is showing in the Last Month… So now we are actually all waiting the Last Month earnings to be Added to the Unpaid earnings… For the ones that are asking why they weren’t paid at the end of April even though the sum they have in the Unpaid and the Last Month (Unpaid + Last Month) is higher than $10/$100 the answer is simple…: what you earned in the Last Month you CAN NOT get in That Same month because the Payments are ALWAYS MADE IN THE NEXT MONTH which means what you earned in the Last Month you will get at the end of This month (May) after the Dashboard updates and the Last Month earnings are added to the Unpaid… THAT is the reason why your Unpaid is currently “smaller” than it should be…

Also, since some sections switched places in the Dashboard after it was updated at the beginning of the new month (1st of May) (the former This Month (in the Total) (April) went to the Last Month now (April) and the current Unpaid is not yet summed up with the Last Month (April)) you currently see the un-updated state of the Dashboard and that is why it only looks to you that your earnings are “smaller” than they should be…!

What happened in the previous month (April) is that the Unpaid section was updated with the Last Month’s (March) earnings at the same time the March earnings were added in the Balance, so what I think is that, since the April earnings are still missing in the Balance the update of the current Unpaid (and all the other payment sections) will happen after the April earnings are added to the Balance…

I also believe the current state of the Dashboard is due to the beginning of the new month (it started writing “pending” on the 1st day of May while it was updating Daily in ALL the sections before that) and since I’m writing this article on Tuesday we’ll see if some of those things will be updated again soon and the Dashboard started updating regularly like I thought it would be (I wrote about that in my previous article Have You Seen the “New” Dashboard (That Updates Daily)…??! 😀 + the Payments Are Made) or we will again have to wait till the end of the month for that…

  • I know this is a very long and maybe confusing article but I hope you understood it…? 🙂

    • Yes
    • No
    • Partially
  • If not lets try it from the questions…:

    • OK
  • Do you now understand that….. : there is no April currently in the Balance but it is presented as the Last Month…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • ….. : what you earned in the Last Month can not be paid in that same month but only in the next (current) one..?

    • Yes
    • No
  • ….. : the current un-updated Unpaid = summed up earnings for the months before the Last Month (all the Unpaid months from the Balance, in this situation = March + February + …)..?

    • Yes
    • No
  • ….. : therefore, who is paid in the previous month logically (only) currently has a Zero in the Unpaid (no Unpaid months to be summed up except the Last Month which is waited to be added to the Unpaid)..?

    • Yes
    • No
  • ….. : the current Last Month is also the same amount you previously had in Month to Date and This Month (in the Total) in April..?

    • Yes
    • No
  • ….. : the Total is only currently “reduced” for that (Last Month) amount due to its moving from the Total (This Month) to the Last Month at the beginning of the new month (May), therefore the “smaller” Total…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • ….. : we are now waiting that Last Month (April) to be added to the Unpaid during or at the end of this month..?

    • Yes
    • No
  • ….. : in order to see if we earned enough for the payout we have to wait the Last Month amount to be added to the Unpaid and see if it’s more than $10/$100..?

    • Yes
    • No
  • ….. : when the April earnings are added to the Balance the Last Month (April) will be added to the Unpaid (summed up with it) too..?

    • Yes
    • No
  • ….. : the Payments (Unpaid = more than $10/$100) are made at the end of the month..?

    • Yes
    • No
  • ….. : the Last 7 days section was decreasing since the 1st of May because the Dashboard is in “pending” (stopped updating – counting daily earnings) since then therefore the new daily earnings weren’t added to the amount calculated till the end of April..?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. WOW! Amazing job you’ve done here, Tasartcraft. It’s a real pity I can’t spend more time on the site. Between posts and books for my other sites, I write 3 to 5 short articles, especially for Virily. Thanks for explaining. I appreciate it. Andre’

  2. Thank you for the information on the dashboard. I think I am alright with it. At least I do see my earnings going up and I can anticipate payment. Other than that I enjoy my time on Virily and seeing what everyone comes up with.

    • You are welcome… 🙂 That is great. Of course… This was mostly for those who often have problems understanding it and thinking their earnings and payments to be missing, late or “stolen”…..

    • PS This is not referred to you but I’m fascinated how all the people here “enjoy and care mostly about interactions” but somehow they tend to post 2-5 posts a day while not even answering some of the comments nor “having time ” for other people’s posts… I hardly manage to answer and comment everything and can’t even move to another post until I do that and reward everyone, so I post like 3 times in a WEEK, yet it looks like “I” am into earning and not them….. I am fascinated how those people move from a post to a post, actually from 3 posts to another 3 posts every day (no wonder they earn the most and are among the first ones in the Ranks)…….!!!

      • I also often read how friends often feel confused with dashboards and payments. That’s why this article is useful for friends here.

        I can feel how difficult it is to reply to comments and reply in our posts or others. The more posts there will be more comments that must be answered. Through that experience, I was able to understand how some people were unable to reply to all comments and moreover to respond to the reply.

        • Yes, that is why I wrote it, everything in one place, just not to repeat myself all the time… :/| 🙂

          Yes, I understand that, but that is what I’m talking about…, I don’t post that often in order to be able to manage all that – other people’s comments and to reward them too… What is the point of quantity over quality (while many claim they care about quality…), I would go nuts if I posted 3 posts a day and what is the point when not even able to comprehend all the impressions from the received comments on those posts, it is only like on a machine… If I cared only about earnings I would only post all the time (maybe that is actually not a bad idea, hehehehehe… ;)))) I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong… :/

          • Ah… I don’t want to spend my energy and time assessing other people who can interfere with my own mood.
            After all, many people who post 1 or twice a week never respond to other people’s comments too, and we don’t know for sure their reasons. It seems that I also have no problem with those who post three times a day because they always reply to my comments and vice versa.
            Honesty? O, dear friend… Who has the right to judge that? What is certain is not me.

        • Not sure you understood me (again) but I will have to explain later… We understand and interpret things (and words) differently….. – not sure what people you meant…..? I never mentioned other people affecting my mood….. I was talking about opinions on my creative work which is the main reason I’m here and not making friends, I make friends in real life (I kinda answered that in the comments on your post) and not sure people here are real Friends… Also, honesty – general commenting of people because most of those comments are not honest nor genuine, they only seem like that (except when you can see someone really meant something) because – again – why people interact and visit and comment other people’s posts here —– to gain visitors to their own posts and earn too, those things are not separated except when someone really don’t care and does only what he likes…

          Ranks…: That is true, that happens with people who rarely post too but in such situations you know that is the reason – they are not that active…
          They answer to me too (certainly didn’t mean all the people from the high ranks too) but not sure in the quantities I reply to them, and not comment in the quantities I comment them… They don’t have much time to comment because they post a lot of posts so they have to reply That…..

      • Yes it is, but since these problems and misunderstandings pop-up and are complained to constantly, as well as not receiving answers about them from the admins, then it was very much needed to be explained…
        Thanks for commenting…! 🙂

          • That is great and I’m glad about that too but the Dashboard is still a problem since it is not updating regularly… It started working fine but it is pending again… And articles with these complaints pop-up very often so I in order not to repeat myself all the time and explaining the same thing over and over again I think this was the most practical way to explain and help the users…

  3. Thank you for sharing the light on what is the system on getting paid on this site. I will accept the findings of how much money I have made on this site. As long as this site is staying strong by giving us our payments when I reach $10, I am happy.

  4. Good points, is Virily consistent in this calculation or are they free to change their minds next time round?
    I am not sure I understand anything from the dashboard at all
    Im glad you made this post, because I would like to see if anything put on there is reliable?
    For instance, how many Virils do you have to make to earn $10.00?

    • I really can not know that…, I only know – understand how it is currently calculated and been like that all the time…
      That sucks, heheheheh 😀 😉
      Thanks, I’m glad you find it useful…!!! Everything explained here regards the “pattern” how payments are calculated and the dashboard interpreted, but there is nothing regarding Virils and their value themselves because no one can tell you that, even the admins, since it is constantly changing due to the uncontrolled factors like ads, popularity of the site (traffic) and similar… (I think it’s called revenue…..)

    • PS Currently you can see how many Virils is needed for that if looking at the Last Month section where you can see how many Virils give the amount in $ you have… Currently that value is thankfully very high and the earning is much faster…

        • Umm…, not sure we understood each other… I never claimed they are not consistent nor I think they are not, at least when it comes to the Dashboard and earnings… Earnings are always calculated the same way, the Viril value is completely another thing that doesn’t even depend on the management nor the admins but the factors even them can’t control nor have the control over…

          Everything else when it comes to the dashboard and earnings is consistent…!

        • You still don’t understand… It is not Them who evaluate our work… The value depends on the Revenue of the site, outside factors on which the Viril value depends which admins don’t have any control over…!
          There is the computer system that transfers earned Virils into $ depending on it’s current value which, like I said, is not valued by the admins but by Other Outside Factors…..

          What I explained here is only the Scheme of the Dashboard – how to interpret the numbers in order to know your Payment… – not the Viril value which can never be known by anyone, even the admins can not know or determine that in advance…!

          Therefore, yes, depending on the Viril value we have to work more or less to earn the same amount of $…

        • PS …that is what I was told by the admins very long ago when it comes to the Viril VALUE which is the base for counting money earned…..! – they can’t determine the value of a Viril in advance…..

  5. Great posted article. Now, mind tou, I am at a loss when it comes to mathematical chart and sheets and even Excel sheets for that matter. Heck I still count on my fingers. I am just happy to be here on this site with all the great Virilyans and to be paid whenever I am due. But I have one outside question for you. I do not know if you have drafts saved? If so, did you notice now that first off they are side by side and then down if you more than one. Also did you notice the three dots that you hover over an you see these “to read later, to keep in your collections, edit and one more that I do not remember off hand”. Did you ever try to use the edit part. If you have one draft above another draft, forget it you cannot edit because the edit goes to the draft below. I do not know if I am making myself clear. Also, do you know how we can delete a draft? I cannot seem to find anything about. Virily administration has not answered my request for these questions yet. Maybe you know? If yes, can you try to enlighten me pretty please?

    • Thank you very much…! 🙂 That is ok and nice but some members are constantly having problems understanding this and thinking their earnings to be missing or even “stolen”, complaining on the admins not answering them about that (while they are actually not answering because everything is OK I think… :/), so I wanted to explain…

      Ok… Yes, I do… Yes, I actually wrote about that (those three dots) when those changes were made and implemented in my recent articles about the changes, fixes and new implementations… Yes, I am using it all the time..
      I’m not sure what you meant by this, I didn’t understand…: “If you have one draft above another draft, forget it you cannot edit because the edit goes to the draft below.”, can you explain a little better……?
      No, unfortunately there is no option to delete a draft and never was… 😐

    • If I understood well, when you hover over the three dots and the small menu appears you can not click on the “Edit” option…..? Not sure why… If that is so, just scroll the screen a little lower so you can see the whole menu and it stays there and click on Edit…

      • I have three drafts at the present time. There are two drafts (on on the left and one on the right side in the upper row) and the third draft is on the lower left side underneath the first draft. Whenever I try to edit the first draft (on the left hand side on the first row) I go on the edit (and I have enough space to do that) but whenever I press on that edit, the third draft on the lower left side row loads up and not the upper left side row draft. I think I explained it rather well now. But I just tried it again just before answering your comment and I am still having the same problem.

        • OK, yes, I understand now… Have you tried what I wrote above…? I don’t have such problems… Is the post which loads opened in an Edit mode or the regular mode for reading…..? If it is in a reading mode what happens is probably that while you are trying to click on the Edit option you move your cursor a little more than you should so actually the menu disappears before you click on the Edit button… You should hover over carefully as well as carefully put down (lend) the cursor on the Edit button while it’s still there and then click…
          If it’s opened in the edit mode then it is another problem I don’t know anything about so you should write to the admins about that… You can try Virily Editor in a private message…..

    • Yes, I agree, and other sections as well… It started working (updating every day) after it was updated at the end of April but only till the 1st of May, since then it isn’t updating (counting new – this month’s Virils)… I wrote about that too in my latest article about the Dashboard…
      But I think some members are having problems understanding it anyway…, they don’t understand what you once explained me why the Total looks smaller at the beginning of each month and thinking their earnings are missing or even “stolen” (yes, there are some conspiracy theories too….. :/|)…

  6. Yes… yes… yes… yes. 😄
    It’s a little confusing because words are confusing. An illustration would help. 😃
    Well, I guess it’s all back to normal (the usual ‘pending’) except those Last Month (April) earnings waiting to be moved to the total pending.

    • I’m wondering what she has against payments being explained, but by her votes I see she is the first one who voted NO under “did you understand this article” so far as well as it seems she doesn’t understand some of the questions…

    • I also don’t understand why she is visiting and downvoting my article(s) Again if she doesn’t want my visits to her posts…
      The previous time I commented her Virily themed article (after that first unprovoked downvote) I was attacked by her in a PM..

    • Hehehehehe, yes….. ;/) Thanks much for the appreciation…! 🙂 Hardly believe such thing could/would happen but appreciation is kinda satisfied too…;)
      I agree such things should be explained in the FAQ or explained by the admins but I guess they think everything is clear enough… :/ There are many people who don’t understand it and I was one of them too before some other people explained some things to me so now, just not to repeat myself whenever the problem and confusions occur… ;/|)

      Thanks much for commenting!!! 😉 🙂

    • Everything is actually very simple visually but a little harder to explain it with words so that is why everything sounds a little confusing… ;/) Maybe I’ll make another one if I manage to make/explain it simpler, hehehe 😉

  7. Thanks for the detailed explanation. although I do not understand anything more … otherwise I never burdened either with a control panel or with a payout … as far as I am satisfied

    • You are welcome, I hope it was helpful and that you could understand it well… Not sure what you mean… – couldn’t understand anything I wrote or…..? If you have questions feel free to ask..
      It’s ok and that is good but there are people who aren’t paid every month and then their dashboard becomes confusing then.. I had such problems in the past too until some people explained me some things.. Such questions arise very often and in order not to repeat myself all the time I decided to write it as an article… 🙂
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

    • Thanks, I really hope so (it is a little confusing :))…! 🙂 It’s ok, I know some people don’t worry much about it but many have those problems understanding it and thinking their payments or earnings to be missing so… Yes, that is great and I’m glad you do, heheeh… 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!

    • Thanks, glad you think so.. 🙂 Yes, but there are people whom this is currently the only earning, and, also, we do have to work a lot (at least a month) in order to earn that small amount… Also, there are people who constantly have a problem understanding it and thinking their earnings are “stolen” or that they should have been paid when they actually haven’t so just not to repeat myself all the time to each member whenever that happens….. Although I know some of them even now will not understand it, as some have those “conspiracy theories” their earnings constantly being “stolen”… :/
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

    • PS Yes, it is also good we can rely to the monthly payments but some don’t earn that much in a month (including me sometimes) so they have to wait longer and that is how confusions happen when they see the un-updated state on the dashboard…

        • (you didn’t click “like” on my second reply so I hope you noticed it to…)

          Yes, it will (to some of us…), but there are people who simply don’t understand why their earnings are “smaller” at the beginning of each month, why they are summed up the way they are, and constantly claiming their earnings are missing or stolen (or their posts not being approved so they couldn’t earn…)… I think they still don’t understand this “scheme” I explained here but I hope the other (more rational) ones understood it, hehehehhe….. ;D

          Yes I understand that, but since it takes a lot of time and effort for earning that sum then it is kinda important… For some people it is not just fun and hobby…

        • Hehehe, ok, nice… 😀 😉

          I don’t mind if you didn’t click it but when it happens I’m not sure if the person noticed the comment and read it so that is why I’m always reminding, heheeh 😐 😀

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