Hello everybody. It is sunny and warm day here. I have one question today.

Up in the left corner is the number of article’s views. I never asked. Do we get Virils for view members or counting and views of people who are not members here?

Have a nice day!

  • Do you know everything about the views?

    • Yes

What do you think?

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Written by Milica

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  1. I’m not quite sure we still get Virils for guest views …
    but you’ll get virils for member views.
    but that view counter is not a good gauge …
    as tasartcraft mentioned below, it counts all views, even repeated and own views which gives you no Virils.

    • They disabled guest views but Doc once explained me something about referred visitors which I didn’t quite understand well because he is using some wrong terms calling “referred visitor’s views” as “guest views”… If I understood well we should now get “1 referred visitor’s view” for sharing an article – or a visit of that article but that sounds absurd to me because I think I never got one so I actually don’t know what he’s talking about…..

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